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Resources for Teachers | An Invitation To An Infiltration



21 Jan, 2010 to 28 Feb, 2010

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Teachers guide and lesson plans for for grades K-3, 4-5 and 8-12 based on work in the exhibition An Invitation To An Infiltration.

Are you a teacher looking to further educate your class about one of our exhibitions? Or, maybe you are planning a field trip and would like some further guidance.

Teachers’ Guides support educators who wish to visit the CAG with their students or who wish to carry out lessons related to CAG exhibitions in their classrooms. They include artist biographies, thematic exhibition overviews, suggested points of discussion, as well as recommended readings and references.

Lesson Plans are designed to bring the resources of contemporary art and artists to diverse classrooms. It is our goal to introduce students of all ages to the richness that engaging with contemporary art brings. Such breadth and diversity show that it can be used as a meaningful springboard in teaching a variety of subjects. Please feel free to adapt lessons to suit the specific needs of your class and curriculum.





Guide and Lesson Plans: Grades K-3, 4-7 and 8-12





Fia Backström  
Lucy Clout  
Jonathan Middleton  
Dexter Sinister   
Holly Ward   
Jordan Wolfson   


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 An ideal context for an examination of the competitive nature of group exhibitions was during the 2010 Winter Olympic Games. In order to take stock of the current state of artistic interventions in the physical space or institutional workings of a gallery, guest curator Eric Fredericksen brought together an international roster of artists for An Invitation to An Infiltration


An Invitation to An Infiltration


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On Saturday we launched our latest publication An Invitation to An Infiltration. Contributing artists Holly Ward and Jonathan Middleton came out for the event and Jonathan was signing fictional dedications in the catalogues. The guests eagerly passed around the books to read his interventions.


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94 pages

This publication was produced from the exhibition An Invitation to An Infiltration, held at the Contemporary Art Gallery as part of the Cultural Olympiad Vancouver 2010, January 21 - February 28, 2010.  The publication was assembled by Dexter Sinister. Contributions are included by Fia Backstrom, Lucy Clout, Hadley+Maxwell, Jonathan Middleton, Dexter Sinister, Holly Ward and Jordan Wolfson. The exhibition was curated by Eric Fredericksen. The publication includes the essay: Contemporary Art Versus Its Envelope by Thomas Crow.

The publication was edited by Jenifer Papararo, proofread by Snowden Snowden, variously designed by the exhibition's participants, assembled by Dexter Sinister, and coordinated by them together with Jeff Khonsary who printed the monochrome pages on Pacon Sulphite Paper using a RISO 3750 stencil printer at the Fillip offices in Vancouver, and who outsourced the lithographic colour pages to B & L Printworks, then collated and bound the lot in-house with Erin Marranca.

The covers are cut from strips of the screen printed wallpaper Bronzé by Dexter Sinister (2010) displayed in the gallery windows during the exhibition An Invitation to An Infiltration. The pattern of linked rings extends the extant range of heraldic cross-hatching, a medieval system for representing colour in black and white.

The half-title page is cut from one of three different colour variations of the poster produced for, and exhibited within, the exhibition by Jonathan Middleton as part of the work, Strange, the first time I've known of a Piano with Four legs. (Hey! I keep fallin' Down). The publication also includes an audio CD of the work GAME-SET-MATCH by Fia Backstrom. Photography by Aquiles Ascencion and Scott Massey.

The exhibition was co-presented by Contemporary Art Gallery and VANOC and was sponsored by the British Columbia Arts Council under the Unique Opportunities program.



An Invitation To An Infiltration


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