From the Capture Photography Festival Launch Party, March 31, 2017. Photography by Ivana Djordevic

As a registered non-profit charity, the Contemporary Art Gallery relies on donations. Your support helps to safeguard our future and ensures that we remain free of charge to our visitors each year.

Your donation will contribute directly to the production and delivery of exhibitions, events, community engagement and learning programs, making contemporary art free and available to all.

All donations above $25 are eligible for a tax receipt, and any donation above $50 grants you complimentary CAG Membership for one year.

$25 donation

A $25 donation would pay for an individual’s participation in a public program workshop.

$50 donation

A $50 donation would pay for an introductory tour for a group or school.

$100 donation

A $100 donation would pay for art supplies for Family Day.