UNDERTHESUN is an artist publication by Roy Arden, produced by the Contemporary Art Gallery in 2011 as part of his solo exhibition, UNDERTHESUN at the Contemporary Art Gallery, January 28 – March 27, 2011.

The publication documents the majority of the nearly one hundred works on view. It serves as a representation and record of the exhibition, as well as providing the artist with an opportunity to formally reconsider the excess of images, his reasons for selecting them and their relational context.

Mimicking commercial advertising layouts, Arden’s design is a cacophony of colour and image. The publication has a refined newspaper-like quality. Printed on large broadsheets folded down to loose sheets, each page opens into individual collage posters.

Design Roy Arden and Mark Timmings. Photography by Scott Massey.

This publication was made possible with support from the City of Vancouver’s 125th Anniversary Grants Program. The exhibition was sponsored by The Hamber Foundation.