Mike Bourscheid | Freudian Snore Analyser


Mike Bourscheid
Freudian Snore Analyser, 2017
Polyurethane foam and patinated copper
Edition of 220
Comes in hand silk-screened box

Mike Bourschied’s Freudian Snore Analyser was the featured edition of the CAG’s 29th Annual Gala and Art Auction. The artist describes the piece as a tool to both amplify one’s snoring and interpret one’s dreams. Bouscheid’s sculpture and performance based practice, which often involves hi fabrication of ungainly appendages and prosthetics, channels alternate personae as a device for exploring absurdities of masculine expression and patriarchal power. In his performances , these ‘costumeobjects’ become actors in their own right. The process of learning often highly-gendered skills necessary to produce the work— from patternmaking to baking to copper soldering—is a fundamental part of Bourscheid’s practice.

Mike Bourscheid is and artist living and working between Luxembourg and Vancouver. He recently represented Luxembourg at the 57th Venice Biennale. He has exhibited extensively in Canada and abroad, and has been included in the Centre d’art Oeil de poisson, Quebec City; Gallery 295, Vancouver; Access Gallery, Vancouver; Galerie Nei Liicht, Luxembourg; insitu, Berlin; and Kunstverein Harburger Bahnof, Hamburg. His work is in the collection of IBB Iinvestment Bank Berlin and CNA Luxembourg.