Kelly Richardson | The Erudition (IV & V)


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Kelly Richardson
The Erudition (IV & V)
Edition of 100, signed
$450 for set, unframed

To mark the end of Kelly Richardson’s 15 year survey exhibition Legion with its final installment at the Contemporary Art Gallery, July 11 – September 7, 2014, a series of new limited edition prints have been produced.

The Erudition (IV & V) are brand new prints adding to the existing large scale video installation and C-prints. As an edition of 100, they can be purchased either singly or as a pair. Editions 1-20 will be sold only as a pair.

For sale as a set of two for $450 or sold individually for $250 each. To order please email [email protected]

These prints are ordered from the artist with an additional shipping cost of $20, shipping from the UK.