Julia Dault


This catalogue demonstrates Julia Dault’s ongoing interest in balancing spontaneous gesture with rules, logic and the constraints of materials.

Physical negotiations are central to the textured paintings and improvised sculptures for which Julia Dault is celebrated. In her multilayered paintings, Dault employs organic and synthetic supports such as canvas, leather, vinyl, spandex and wooden frames, which act as surfaces to hold paint or as a means of imposing patterns. Whether adding or subtracting paint from these materials, she uses unusual tools such as rubber combs and squeegees that standardise her gestures. Repetition and transparency are important to Dault; looked at closely, her paintings reveal the process of their creation.

Featuring essays by exhibition curators Julia Paoli and Nigel Prince, as well as a specially commissioned text, Julia Dault is an engaging and long overdue introduction to the artist and her work.

Published by the Contemporary Art Gallery in partnership with The Power Plant, Toronto and Black Dog Press.