Ingrid Koenig | Black Hole


Ingrid Koenig
Black Hole, 2007
Archival inkjet print on legacy fibre paper
5.75 x 7.5 inches
Edition of 15

Ingrid Koenig’s artistic practice traverses the fields of theoretical physics, social history and philosophies of knowledge. In its broadest sense, her work considers the possibilities of how knowledge can be translated across different disciplinary communities so that we might more imaginatively negotiate our everyday existence in the contemporary world. Black Hole was commissioned on the occasion of Koenig’s solo exhibition Navigating the Uncertainty Principle, on view at CAG until April 5, 2020. It was drawn from the same series of drawings that are on view, which were developed out of Koenig’s interest in the visual diagrams scientists use to describe the complex phenomena of physics, such as chain reactions, thermal movement, molecular pressure, spacetime, force fields, electromagnetism and black holes.