Channa Horwitz | Full Circle 1964-2005


Channa Horwitz
Full Circle 1964-2005
Artist book
Limited edition of 500

Following the exhibition, Channa Horwitz: Progressions and Rhythms in Eight, this limited edition publication is available at a special CAG rate of $120, courtesy of the Estate of Channa Horwitz.

A significant feature are the 45 colour images of the work from the Language Series: Three (2005), Language Series: Two (2004-2005), and Language Series: One (1964-2004), with 15 images for each series respectively.

The preceding essay, Rules of the Game by Los Angles writer and critic Chris Kraus is a chronology of catalyzing factors within Channa Horwitz’s life, education and artistic practice. Kraus’ analysis of Horwitz’s works is interspersed with quotes from the artist, two illustrations of working drawings and two images of the Language Series: Keys (2004). This essay explains not only the language (sonakinatography) Horwitz created to produce her works, but also gives context to the artist’s journey to find recognition in contemporary art history.