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Video | Frances Stark



03 Feb, 2012

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Artist and writer Frances Stark discusses her feature length animation film ‘My Best Thing’, shown at the Contemporary Art Gallery from Feb 3 to April 15, 2012.

Frances Stark from CAG on Vimeo.

American artist Frances Stark discusses her work and her exhibition, 'My Best Thing' at the Contemporary Art Gallery, Vancouver.





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Frances Stark  


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Frances Stark’s pivotal feature length video My Best Thing is a digital animation, which traces the development of two sexual encounters that progress into conversations about film, literature, art, collaboration and subjectivity. It is a personal narrative that considers the artist’s use of online sex-chat rooms as vehicles for her creative process. The poignant conversations Stark captures are often comic, heightened by the animation itself where she used Xtranormal, a free 3D-movie making software, to render herself and her male counterparts as cartoons, naked except for fig leaves, speaking in computer-generated voices. In conveying the complexity of her interests Stark manages to imbue these commonly disparaged internet sites, as well as their users, with positive, productive and social characteristics.

A publication co-published by the Contemporary Art Gallery, Koenig Books, London, and the Walter Philips Gallery, Banff accompanied the exhibition. It features a text by prominent British curator Mark Godfrey who addresses Stark’s resolve in representing her broad, and at times clashing, interests from her recently found enthusiasm for the controversial dancehall musician Beenie Man to her homage for the highly respected feminist painter Sylvia Sleigh.


Frances Stark - My Best Thing


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On Sunday April 1st at the CAG, Tate Modern curator  Mark Godfrey gave an engaging talk on Frances Stark’s practice in relation to her work My Best Thing to over 100 visitors.  Frances Stark’s My Best Thing is a feature length animation film currently on view until Sunday April 15. Here are some images of the event taken by CAG volunteer Jamie Dolinko.


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