Wolfgang Weileder


Wolfgang Weileder, ‘Loch Nan Uamh, Sound of Arisaig’, 2016, from the ‘SEASCAPE’ series. Courtesy the artist

Residency | Wolfgang Weileder

September 17 - October 21, 2018

Wolfgang Weileder
Burrard Marina Field House Residency
September 17 – October 21, 2018

Wolfgang Weileder is primarily concerned with the examination and critical deconstruction of architecture, public spaces and the interactions we have with the urban environment. His works are investigations into the relationship between time and space, the interface between permanence and transience, and how these can be explored to question our understanding of the landscape, both built and natural. His work engages with the world through large-scale, temporary site-specific installation and sculpture; temporal recordings of spaces and environments through photography, film, performance and sound installation.

For this residency, part of a more extensive period of research with his position as Associate Professor at University of Victoria, he will develop a series of new photographic work. In this project he will, for the first time, explore new methodologies of how changes in space can be captured and recorded using specially modified analogue and digital cameras.