Tiziana La Melia | Staring at the Ceiling


Tiziana La Melia, ‘Staring at the Ceiling’, Tuesday, January 26, 2016, Contemporary Art Gallery. Photography by Trasi Jang

Exhibition | Tiziana La Melia | Staring at the Ceiling

January 26 - 26, 2016 – 7pm

Tiziana La Melia
Staring at the Ceiling
Tuesday, January 26, 2016, 7pm
B.C. Binning Gallery

Developed from the artist’s own writing, Tiziana La Melia’s performances investigate the slippages between language and form, evoking a tension between the written and the aesthetic visual experience of performance. Creating intricate installations and objects that also operate as props, sets and costumes, La Melia develops compellingly simple vignettes that allude to a range of references from the art historical and literary to the personal and incidental, leaving the viewer to contemplate a layered and malleable composition.

For CAG, La Melia has produced a new performance Staring at the Ceiling which enacts a professional photo shoot for a set of earrings designed by the artist. Her audience become witnesses and participants in a photograph that aims, using techniques of objectification, to capture the glint and flash of an object captured in motion. The piece is performed in two parts, splitting physical action and spoken word.