Ron Tran | A Way To Go


Ron Tran, ‘A Way To Go’, July 9, 2011. Photography by Hannah Hughes

Off-siteRon Tran | A Way To Go

Ron Tran
A Way to Go
From June 17, 2011

Our off-site program begins with A Way to Go, a new commission by Vancouver based artist Ron Tran. His practice focuses on displacing the routine of everyday life. Previous projects include pursuing interactions with strangers, offering to walk them home at night or relocating ordinary objects such as his apartment door, which he removed for six weeks for display in an exhibition.

For A Way to Go, Tran guides his audience on an unexpected route through Vancouver’s downtown core, navigating alleyways and shortcuts. The word ‘alley’ derives from the original French word ‘allée’ which literally translates as ‘a way to go’. For this project, Tran names several alleyways as a means to establish their usage and elevate their status. Unlike traditional methods of street naming, which often reference political figures or historical events, Tran has used personal experiences, such as encounters with individuals and objects to determine the description of these overlooked places. Following the trail established by the artist, participants are led into an immersive, interactive experience through the use of a GPS enabled mobile device. A series of digital images, audio tracks and video files corresponding to specific locations are revealed reflecting the artist’s experiences and offering an understanding of his descriptive classifications while bringing to light hidden narratives. A Way to Go creates opportunities to re-examine downtown Vancouver through a project that is decidedly personal and unique.

This forms the first in a series of projects using interactive technologies which take programming outside of the gallery allowing audiences to experience contemporary art within the wider context of the city. Working with Autobox Media, the Contemporary Art Gallery has designed a program that uses Layar Reality Browser to guide audiences on a journey where they can explore and interact with artwork they encounter along the way. These projects will work on any smartphone. Devices are available at the gallery for visitors wishing to borrow one. Please contact reception for details.

This program is generously supported by TELUS, 2010 Legacies Now and the Canadian Art Foundation.