Rolande Souliere | Frequent Stopping IV and V


Rolande Souliere, ‘Untitled’, 2019. Courtesy the artist

Off-site | Rolande Souliere | Frequent Stopping IV and V

April 5 - September 22, 2019

Rolande Souliere
Frequent Stopping IV and V
April 5 to September 22, 2019
CAG Façade and off-site at Yaletown-Roundhouse Station

The multi-media practice of Australia-based Anishinaabe artist Rolande Souliere entwines the visual language of hard-edged abstraction with that of traffic signage and roadside barriers to consider how colonial infrastructures mark both spaces and the people inhabiting them. Presented at the Contemporary Art Gallery’s two public spaces—its street level gallery windows and off-site at the nearby Yaletown-Roundhouse train station—Frequent Stopping IV and V draws from Souliere’s ongoing body of work that extends caution tape across public sites in dizzying installations. With its compositional logic drawing from Indigenous material practices of weaving, binding, stacking and stitching, the artist’s use of caution tape nods to the long battle fought by her own Michipicoten Nation to settle their land claim (at settlement in 2008, the largest in Canadian history), despite the Supreme Court of Canada’s 1994 ruling that a First Nation could not register “cautions” on land title to prevent its sale while treaty negotiations were underway. As the Frequent Stopping series proliferates across spaces in city after settler city—Sydney, Australia, Toronto, and now Vancouver—the project suggests the ways our perception of boundaries shifts according to perspective and alerts us to the fact that so many Indigenous  claims on traditional territories—despite being first pressed decades ago—have still yet to be resolved.