Publication Studio Vancouver

Residency | Publication Studio Vancouver

October 24 - December 30, 2018

Publication Studio Vancouver
Burrard Marina Field House Residency
October 24 – December 30, 2018

Publication Studio Vancouver (PSV) is dedicated to the formation of publics through the act of publication. Using a combination of on-demand and by-hand methods to produce books one at a time, PSV has been publishing projects by artists and writers since 2010. With Publication Studios operating in cities such as London (UK), Glasgow, Rotterdam, São Paolo, San Francisco, Hudson (NY), Hong Kong, Edmonton/Lethbridge, and Guelph (ON), PSV forms part of an international network of experimental publication and distribution.

While in residence, the founders of Publication Studio Vancouver — Kay Higgins and Kathy Slade — will create and produce a new book that reveals, documents and embeds itself within the social and spatial realities of the Burrard Civic Marina boating community. Through a series of voluntary interviews, drop-in events and workshops, they propose to enable marina users and residents to take part in the production of a book that will be entirely composed, designed, edited, printed and bound at the Burrard Marina Field House, culminating in the distribution of copies to all contributors. Mindful of the complex histories of Vancouver’s shoreline, especially the forced displacements of Indigenous communities and live-aboard communities in and around the Burrard Civic Marina itself, PSV’s residency will recognize both past and current injustices, as well as document and pay tribute to the particular — and often overlooked — public that is the marina community.