Andrew Dadson


Andrew Dadson, ‘Black Plants’, 2017, installation view from Contemporary Art Gallery off-site at 524 West 26th Street, New York, July 11-20, 2017. Photography by Harrison Boyce

Off-site | Andrew Dadson

July 11 - 20, 2017

Andrew Dadson
July 11 to 20, 2017
Off-site at 524 West 26th Street Gallery, Chelsea, New York

The Contemporary Art Gallery is pleased to present a private exhibition in New York by Vancouver-based artist, Andrew Dadson. Comprising a new commission supported by Vancouver contemporary menswear label wings+horns, the exhibition space will be transformed into a large-scale installation.

Dadson has consistently engaged with the notion of boundaries in relation to space and time in his work, primarily through investigations with materiality, process and abstraction. Through different mediums – painting, film, and photography – Dadson explores the possibility to cross the perceptual boundaries of space, both physical and natural, and is thus reflected in his work in an attempt to subvert our perception and usual ways of looking at things.

The installation uses plant forms and objects sprayed a single colour lit by intense daylight grow lamps. Each light is of a slightly different hue creating multiple shadows on the wall behind and introducing a further dimension to the overall composition. Combined with the large leafy plants, light, shadow and coloured forms produce a painting that evolves and shifts over time. As the organic matter is nurtured over the duration of the exhibition, the unifying painted colour begins to crack and splinter to reveal the fresh natural colours of the leaves beneath.

In partnership with wings+horns.