Jemima Stehli | mm/Studio


Jemima Stehli, installation view from ‘mm/Studio’, Contemporary Art Gallery, May 9 – June 29, 2003. Photography by Althea Thauberger

Exhibition | Jemima Stehli | mm/Studio

May 9 - June 29, 2003

Jemima Stehl
May 9 – June 29, 2003

The work of Jemima Stehli explores issues relating to the performative self and identity in photography. Using the studio as the site of production and part of the central image, Stehli positions her own nude body as the subject and object simultaneously. The creative process the artist privately undertakes in her studio is revealed and suggests the intricate systems at play in making herself over into the object. She employs a complex strategy that introduces ambiguity in an attempt to affirm her own identity as a female artist and as a subject in the contemporary context. The exhibition at the Contemporary Art Gallery presented new work by Jemima Stehli that continue her use of the performative process of image making to investigate notions of female subjectivity. At once highly constructed and random, Stehli makes use of various stagings to offer important questions about the degree of control she has over her own image. Stehli’s images are somewhere between performance and object, still-life and action painting. The exhibition was Stehli’s first solo exhibition in North America and was curated by Catherine Thomas, an independent curator based in New York.