Derya Akay | Mantı, Börek, Baklava


Derya Akay and women elders cook at the Burrard Marina Field House. Photograph Michelle Martin.

Residency | Derya Akay | Mantı, Börek, Baklava

February 1 - May 31, 2017

Derya Akay
Mantı, Börek, Baklava
Burrard Marina Field House Residency
February – May 2017

The Contemporary Art Gallery welcomes Vancouver-based artist Derya Akay as the Burrard Marina Field House artist-in-residence this spring. Expanding on recent projects, Akay collaborated with women elders from a range of cultural backgrounds to explore and share local and diasporic culinary traditions through a series of workshops and meals. This convivial partaking of food is a gateway to oral history, which Akay understands as both storytelling and the sensations and memories summoned through communal eating. The Field House will slowly evolve into a gathering space for cooking and conversation throughout the spring months.