Chris Gergley | Copywork and Gobo


Chris Gergley , installation view from ‘Copy Work’ and ‘Gobo’, Contemporary Art Gallery, September 7 – November 8, 2007. Photography by SITE Photography

Exhibition | Chris Gergley | Copywork and Gobo

September 7 - November 8, 2007

Chris Gergley
Copywork and Gobo
September 7 – November 8, 2007

Vancouver-based artist Chris Gergley has used his interest in photography as both medium and subject in several of his serial projects. His first major work, Vancouver Apartments (2005), is a series of 88 photographs of the lobbies of middle class apartment buildings. This work explores the success of typological photography as practiced by artists as diverse as Bernd and Hilla Becher or Ed Ruscha, and documents the quick decay of Modernist apartment buildings in Vancouver. Queen City (2002), is a growing record of images of Regina, Saskatchewan, Gergley’s hometown. His photographs are commonplace, capturing what is typical to many small North American cities.

For Copy Work Chris Gergley continued to work with his archive of found and self-produced images and photographic paraphernalia to build a complex narrative of his relationship to photography. It was a new body of work that included four separate components. The photographic series Copy Work is a sly articulation of the varied production methods and uses of images, such as documentary and commissioned photography. The images for Copy Work come from a variety of sources. Gergley has captured some himself, appropriated others; some he has produced for other artists and several were made in collaboration, but he has “taken” them all and claims them as his for this exhibition.

The exhibition also included Gobo, a slideshow; Perfect Colour, a presentation for the gallery’s street front windows; and a publication that also shares the title Copy Work. The publication includes texts by art historians Steve Edwards, John O’Brian, and John Roberts, writer Maria Fusco, and Jenifer Papararo, the curator of the exhibition.