Performance | Mark Timmings and Stephen Morris | Wetland Senario


From the rehearsal of ‘Wetland Senario’, 2018. Photography by Four Eyes Portraits

Events | Performance | Mark Timmings and Stephen Morris | Wetland Senario

April 28, 2018 – 7:30PM

Wetland Senario
Mark Timmings and Stephen Morris
Saturday, April 28, 2018, 7.30pm

The Contemporary Art Gallery and Griffin Art Projects present Wetland Senario, a composition by Stephen Morris and Mark Timmings based on the strict musical transcription of field recordings from a marsh on Saturna Island, British Columbia. The award-winning ensemble musica intima will perform the piece at both venues, which originally debuted on Saturna by The Saturna Singers.

The performances pay heed to the tiny wetland at a crucial time in its history: environmental reports state that frogs and songbirds are disappearing; at the same time, the drones of airplanes and other human-made sounds are increasing. The composition’s formal purity emphasizes transparency, truth and fidelity in its approach to the soundscape. Engaged in ritual, Wetland Senario blurs the boundaries between choir, audience, and local environmental phenomena. The true performer is the wetland; presenting a collective awareness of our shared, if endangered, acoustic environment.

Presented in partnership with Griffin Art Projects and musica intima.