CAG Young Patrons | Curated Tour and Film Screening


Maureen Gruben, ‘Stitching My Landscape’ III, 2019

Events | CAG Young Patrons | Curated Tour and Film Screening

August 23, 2019 – 6pm - 8pm

CAG Young Patrons
Curated Tour and Film Screening
Friday, August 23, 6 – 8pm
Marian Scott Gallery, 2423 Granville Street, Vancouver

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CAG Young Patrons are invited to a special invitation-only tour of Point of View at Marion Scott Gallery with curator Jeffrey Boone. Following the talk will be a public film screening and Q&A with exhibiting artist Lindsay McIntyre.

Across a range of media, Point of View features the work of a new generation of artists working in Inuit Nunangat as well as the Inuit diaspora, and includes Tony Anguhalluq, Tarralik Duffy, Glenn Gear, Maureen Grubeen, Mark Iglioliorte, Gabriel Nuraky Koperqualuk, Megan Kyak-Monteith, Lindsay McIntyre, Niap, Janet Nungnik, Jamasee Pitseolak and others.

The exhibition title is a quote from Isuma’s 1985 film, From Inuk Point of View, the first Inuit film project ever to be awarded Canada Council funding. Isuma’s breakthrough marked a seminal moment of artistic emancipation from the systems and modes of art-making that had been previously been accessible to Inuit, simultaneously asserting that there is a distinct perspective to be shared by, about and for Inuit.

Planned as a conversation that unfolds over the course of the summer, the works in the exhibition examine personal lived experience and identity in the contemporary world.

Young Patrons who are unable to attend this special event are invited to attend ‘Fissure’, the closing event held at Marion Scott Gallery between 1-4pm on August 31.