Meet Brennagh, Curatorial intern

My name is Brennagh Bailey and I am very excited to be returning to the CAG this spring and summer as a curatorial intern. I first joined the CAG team in June 2014 as Family Day coordinator; designing and directing activities for younger gallery-goers and their parents that promoted artistic engagement with the current exhibitions. Not… Read more »

Hello from Maddy! Visitor Coordinator

I’m Maddy Tranter, one of two new Visitor Coordinators at the CAG! My interest in the CAG developed over my two years as a front desk and events volunteer, but my initial interest in art began much earlier! I took my first art history and costume history courses when I attended the National Ballet School… Read more »

Hello from April!

My name is April Thompson and I am thrilled to be a curatorial intern at the CAG. My first experience with the CAG occurred two years ago when I arrived in Vancouver with the intention to stay just a month. When I came to Vancouver, I felt the strange sensation of visiting a place for… Read more »

Hello from Jocelyn Statia, CAG Visitor Coordinator.

I’m happy to have joined the CAG team in the role of Visitor Coordinator: Publications. Over the past few years I have been volunteering at the CAG, primarily with the Abraham Rogatnick Library. Exploring the collection which features contemporary arts production, and it’s various publications that are local and international in scope. During the course… Read more »

Hello from Shalon! Summer Learning Assistant

Hello! My name is Shalon Webber-Heffernan, and this Summer I am super excited to be working and learning at the CAG! I’m very happy to be working alongside CAG Curator Shaun Dacey in the role of Summer Learning Assistant, and I look forward to getting to know all the staff and volunteers at the gallery…. Read more »

UBC Intern Patrick O’Neill in conversation with Jeremy Shaw | Part 3 of 3

This is the third and final installment of a series of interview questions between UBC Intern Patrick O’Neill and Jeremy Shaw, around Jeremy Shaw’s 2015 exhibition here at CAG, Medium-based Time (February 26-April 19). Patrick O’Neill: In an interview with 032c Magazine you said that you had a “[…] real fondness for the manipulative possibility of… Read more »

UBC Intern Patrick O’Neill interviews Jeremy Shaw | Part 1 of 3

Patrick O’Neill is a UBC Art History student who has come on board as an intern at CAG to assist with the research connected to our Reading Room. While Jeremy Shaw was in town, they took some time to discuss the three works that are currently on display. This post focuses on the work Quickeners (2014)…. Read more »

Hello from Nicola!

Hello! My name is Nicola Krohman and over the last few months I’ve had the opportunity to work with Shaun Dacey, Curator of Learning and Public Programs, and Jill Henderson, Communications Coordinator, as a volunteer and now in my new role as Communications Intern. I first met Jill four years ago when I started as… Read more »

Behind the Ribbons

As part of my internship at the CAG, I was able to assist with the installation of Grace Schwindt’s exhibition.  The fun part of this installation was being able to assist with the colour coordination of the 9 jewel toned and naturally dyed ribbons. There was no formula or method to the colour selection, just what… Read more »

Volunteer Profiles: Michelle Doherty

What brought you to volunteer at the CAG? I’ve always had an interest working in an art gallery, and I discovered the CAG last summer while exploring. I began chatting with Jocelyn at the front desk, picking her brain regarding her journey on how she got to work there, and she recommended I submit my… Read more »

Volunteer Profiles: Jennifer Tuan

What brought you to volunteer at the CAG?  I am a student studying art history and was looking to gain experience in the field of art. I chose to volunteer with the CAG because it provides an intimate platform where people have the chance to meet and interact with artists and others in the art… Read more »