CAG in the Classroom | Voufnurog Cadisi

Inspired by Olivia Whetung’s exhibition Sugarbush Shrapnel, CAG worked with a class of Grade 5/6 students from Renfrew Elementary throughout November and December 2019 to build a collaborative artwork representing an imaginative ecosystem. The artwork incorporates embroidery, beadwork and colour to explore symbiosis and the many relationships that make up our world. The project began… Read more »

CAG in the Classroom | How far do you travel?

Inspired by the public art initiative How far do you travel?, CAG commuted across the city to spend two afternoons with grade 4/5 students at Graham Bruce Elementary. Exploring how visual imagery transports meaning across time and space, they discussed the work of Diyan Achjadi, Patrick Cruz, Rolande Souliere, Erdem Taşdelen and Anna Torma, the… Read more »

Exhibitions from the Archives | L.I.P. Service

This month for Exhibitions from the Archives, we return to 2003 when the Contemporary Art Gallery celebrated its 30th anniversary with the exhibition L.I.P. Service. In the 1970s the Trudeau government started a new project that would be the first of its kind. The Local Initiatives Program (L.I.P.) was a new ambitious initiative lasting from… Read more »

Exhibitions from the Archives | Brian Jungen

As our second throwback this summer for Exhibitions from the Archives, we return to Brian Jungen’s exhibition, which took place both in the interior and on the exterior of the gallery from July 28 to September 23, 2001. Now a well-known artist and currently showing in the UK as part of the Liverpool Biennale, Brian… Read more »

Exhibitions from the Archives | Ruti Sela and Maayan Amir

Throughout summer 2018, the CAG blog will host a throwback series, Exhibitions from the Archives, exploring the gallery’s rich history. To kick it off we begin with Ruti Sela and Maayan Amir’s Beyond Guilt – The Trilogy, (2003-05), shown at the Contemporary Art Gallery from April 7 to June 5, 2011. The duo’s first solo… Read more »

Brent Wadden Pulls the Wool over Our Eyes and Calls it Paint

Brent Wadden’s work is often met with confusion when it’s described as painting. The Nova Scotian artist’s loom-woven works are sewn, threaded and mounted onto a frame, looking more like a multi-coloured canvas than a painted surface. In much of the writing on Wadden’s work, the use of painterly terminology is common and expected by… Read more »

Resource Room videos

The CAG Book Shop, located in the gallery lobby, is filled with various publications and editions which accompany past and present CAG exhibitions. Half of the space has been reserved as a Resource Room containing various reference materials (binders, note cards, and videos) that provide context for the artists who are in the current exhibitions… Read more »

Interview with Lyse Lemieux

Canadian artist Lyse Lemieux currently has two large-scale outdoor works on the façade of CAG and at our off-site location at Yaletown-Roundhouse Station. Lemieux’s work is usually executed indoors, using tactile materials such as felt or paint. Her cut-works in felt are often described as drawings, emphasizing the way her practice evokes a balance between… Read more »

Song of the Open Road | Kelly Jazvac by Michelle Martin

For some, there may be something vaguely familiar about the giant image that is currently installed in the Contemporary Art Gallery’s windows. What appears as a huge, empty landscape is actually vinyl from a billboard ad for Apple’s “Shot on iPhone” campaign salvaged by Toronto-based artist Kelly Jazvac. Originally measuring over 70 feet, the billboard… Read more »