Derya Akay | Shabbat Dinner at the Jewish Museum

When I arrive at the Jewish Museum and Archives of BC in the late afternoon, there are already two sesame spinkled, gleaming loaves of challah ready and the kitchen smells of roasting chicken and fragrant rice with a pop of lemon. Sara Ciacci, Leonor Etkin, Claire Hammer, Debbie Kafka and artist Derya Akay have been… Read more »

Derya Akay | Cooking with Maria Dyulgerova and Biliana Velkova

“Two eggs or three?” There’s a bit of debate amongst three generations of women as preparation of the banitza begins. A mixture of leeks, yogurt, feta cheese and eggs is combined and spread onto buttered sheets of filo pastry then rolled tightly like a cigar. Guests take turns rolling the filo—a delicate task that requires… Read more »

Derya Akay | Cooking with Hayat Shabo and Carmen Aldakhlallah

-For tabbouleh: -Not too much bulgur and keep it uncooked. Let it sit with the tomatoes and absorb their juices. -When you cut parsley, cut it very finely but only cut it once. I’m mentally noting all of the tips and tricks that Hayat Shabo and Carmen Aldakhlallah are sharing with us on a rainy… Read more »

Derya Akay | Cooking with Mohinder Sidhu

On one of the south walls of Moberly Arts Centre, fittingly only a few feet away from the entrance to the kitchen, hangs a portrait of Mohinder Sidhu. Turned towards the camera, her right arm is cut off by the edges of the frame but it is not hard to imagine the stove, the pot… Read more »

Mantı, Börek, Baklava | Cooking with Derya Akay

It’s been raining for days on end now, but late on Sunday afternoon, the sun appears and its light falls across the Field House. We’ve gathered for the beginning of Derya Akay’s project Mantı, Börek, Baklava and for this initial dinner, Akay is sharing southern Turkish recipes inherited from his grandmothers. This spring, we have… Read more »

Burrard Marina Field House | Throwback: Brendan Fernandes 2014

When Canadian artist Brendan Fernandes came to Vancouver for his two-month Burrard Marina Field House Residency in 2014, he began a new research trajectory that departed from his usual artistic and dance practice, exploring the gendered and queer body as it is shaped specifically in ballet. His interest in working with photographs and architectural supports… Read more »

Burrard Marina Field House | Throwback: Sameer Farooq 2015

Sameer Farooq Aga Khan Museum, Toronto, Canada. HERE: Locating Contemporary Canadian Artists. Curated by Swapnaa Tamhane. July 22, 2017 – January 1, 2018 Opening Reception: July 22, 2017 CAG’s artist in residence at the Burrard Marina Field House from 2015, Canadian artist Sameer Farooq, is participating in a group exhibition at the Aga Khan Museum… Read more »

Burrard Marina Field House | Throwback: Raymond Boisjoly 2013

Vancouver-based Indigenous artist Raymond Boisjoly (b. 1981) is one on a shortlist of four artists nominated for the AIMIA/AGO Photography Prize this year. The prize is valued at $50,000 and the winner is decided by public vote on the AGO website or in person at the gallery. The four nominees participated in an exhibition at… Read more »

Keg de Souza | Objects of Displacement: Chinatown Installation

Artist in Residence Keg de Souza has been working on a project entitled Appetite for Construction since September 10th of this year. She created a unique physical structure, inside an abandoned dim sum restaurant, in the heart of Vancouver’s Chinatown, using found and collected items placed inside vacuum-sealed bags. The items were submitted by members of… Read more »

Keg de Souza | Engaging Communities in Conversations: Chinatown Installation

During my visit to artist Keg de Souza’s Appetite for Construction,  I overheard various conversations surrounding her site-specific project. Some of the themes touched upon in these discussions were; the utility of artist spaces and the ways in which people interact with the local community at large and with public spaces. In the middle of the room… Read more »

Keg de Souza | Final Presentation | Appetite for Construction

On Friday, November 4, Australian artist Keg de Souza presented the completed structure for her project Appetite for Construction at a public opening. This project began on September 10 and engaged various members of the community in and around Vancouver’s Chinatown neighbourhood. I am happy to have witnessed the transformation of this structure. The collection of objects over the past… Read more »

Skawennati, Skins and Second Life

A group of new avatars are learning how to fly. We’re on AbTeC Island, the virtual headquarters for Aboriginal Territories in Cyberspace, a research network based at Concordia University of academics, artists and technologists whose aim is to encourage the creation of self-determined Indigenous spaces online. In 2015, AbTeC launched the Initiative for Indigenous Futures. One of… Read more »