Get R.E.A.L.


Get R.E.A.L., ‘The world is a giant backstory’, 2019. Photography by Four Eyes Portraits

Get R.E.A.L.
2016 – 2020
Windermere Secondary School

Partnering with the VSB Windermere Community Schools Team and Frog Hollow Neighbourhood House, CAG worked with artists and filmmakers to deliver a series of year-long media arts projects with the grade eight and nine students of Get R.E.A.L., an afterschool program at Windermere Secondary School in East Vancouver. Each year’s project was the result of creative art and video production workshops exploring important issues raised by the group. Students were supported in organizing their collective voices and personal experiences through the use of contemporary media, while building technical skills and supportive relationships with each other, older peers and artist mentors.