The last Stretch with Hannah and Helen

During the last stretch with artists Helen Reed and Hannah Jickling, the class diligently crafted their sodas from the recipes they developed from last Monday’s session in preparation for their final presentation later on in the evening. It was a busy day of pipettes, measuring utensils, soda streams, flavouring extracts and home-brew equipment that turned… Read more »

Mixing it up!

Arriving shortly after lunch this week at Strathcona, the class was eager to start their taste tests! The focus of today’s taste inquiries revolved around sweeteners and flavours. To kick it off, Helen and Hannah facilitated a discussion around sugar. What did the class already know about the kinds of sugar they might consume on… Read more »

Jelly Bean Test

Reviewing what they had learned in the past few weeks, artists Helen Reed and Hannah Jickling brought in Choward’s Scented Gum and Soylent meal replacement for Ms Persoon’s grade 6/7 class to sample for this week’s session. Hannah described tasting the Choward’s Scented gum as a ‘Jelly Bean Test’. Following similar strategies in their past… Read more »


This week the class embarked on the first of their olfactory adventures, a sense that goes hand-in-hand with the development of their soda. Hannah and Helen introduced the class to some research that they have done around smell and memory. The two presented their experience of visiting Sissel Tolaas, an internationally renowned Berlin based artist and… Read more »

First session with Helen Reed and Hannah Jickling!

Last week Ms. Persoon’s grade 6/7 class had their first session with artists Helen Reed and Hannah Jickling! Long time collaborators, the duo spearhead the public art project/ flavour incubator/ taste-making think-tank Big Rock Candy Mountain. Through Big Rock Candy Mountain, they have worked with Queen Alexandra Elementary’s grade 3/4 to develop the Sour Vs. Sour… Read more »

Ms Persoon’s grade 6/7 class visits CAG!

Last week the students from MaryAnn Persoon’s grade 6/7 class came to visit CAG. During the trip, CAG Curator Kimberly Phillips gave the class an insider’s tour of Brent Wadden’s exhibition, Two Scores. We also talked about ‘following the rules’ in weaving. Weaving is an activity that requires the weaver to follow a certain set… Read more »

Weaving Workshop with Guest Artist Travis Meinolf

In addition to their weekly session with artist Carmen Papalia, Ms Persoon’s grade 6/7 class was visited by guest artist Travis Meinolf, an internationally renowned and self-described ‘action weaver’ based in California. Travis presented a weaving workshop to the class coinciding with the current Brent Wadden exhibition at CAG: Two Scores. During his introduction to… Read more »

Field trip to the Vancouver Art Gallery!

Last week the Lord Strathcona 6/7 students explored two exhibitions at the Vancouver Art Gallery. Artist Carmen Papalia led a series of activities throughout the gallery across two exhibitions; Takashi Murakami: The Octopus Eats Its Own Leg and 空/Emptiness: Emily Carr and Lui Shou Kwan. Beginning in the gallery’s rotunda, the class discussed the history… Read more »

Visibility Campaign and ‘I Want’s’

Now that artist Carmen Papalia and the class have become more acquainted with one another, last week’s activities were met with a writing workshop and a march around the Strathcona Elementary school hallways and courtyard. At the beginning of the day, Carmen introduced a poem that he wrote which composed of a list of ‘I… Read more »

Accessibility, Texture and Trust; The First Two Classes With Carmen Papalia

Since mid-January, Carmen Papalia, the third artist to participate in A New Path to the Waterfall has been getting to know the students of MaryAnn Persoon’s grade 6/7 class through some non-visual ice breaking activities. Carmen Papalia is a Vancouver based artists whose social-practice based projects address topics involving public space, art institutions, visual culture and… Read more »

Brent Wadden Pulls the Wool over Our Eyes and Calls it Paint

Brent Wadden’s work is often met with confusion when it’s described as painting. The Nova Scotian artist’s loom-woven works are sewn, threaded and mounted onto a frame, looking more like a multi-coloured canvas than a painted surface. In much of the writing on Wadden’s work, the use of painterly terminology is common and expected by… Read more »