10 Questions

Last week during a lively guided visit to the exhibition Following A Line, students from Clinton Elementary School, Burnaby and their teacher came up with a long list of ‘deep thinking questions’ about what they saw and heard in the exhibition, here is a list of their top ten questions; 1. Why is the picture two… Read more »

Walking with Peter Gazendam

Last  Saturday September 25th  at 4 pm,  artist Peter Gazendam took a group of 14 on a well paced walking tour, visiting four downtown public sculptures, the walking tour was an event related to his work in the current CAG exhibition Following A Line, on view until November 7. “The impetus for Peter Gazendam’s casual walking tour… Read more »

“we were swarmed”

This selection of photographs of the opening night were taken by CAG volunteer Nafisa, on her ‘film’ camera, her quote about the night “we were swarmed!”

Big crowd at the opening of ‘Following A Line’

Last Thursday night was a busy crowded night at the CAG for the opening of Following A Line featuring artists: Pablo Bronstein, Peter Gazendam, Susanne Kriemann, Kyla Mallett, Alex Morrison, Frances Stark and Paul Sietsema. Here are a few shots of the happy visitors taken by Hannah Hughes, CAG volunteer. Thank you everyone for coming… Read more »

D is for….

A new persistent presence is being felt all around the CAG, it has moved in and left its thin ghostlike trace over most surfaces, DUST, Dust and more dust. Yntil finally, from hard work and new activity, by the opening of the next exhibition it shall all be gone. The CAG is currently installing the exhibition Following A Line: Pablo Bronstein, Peter… Read more »

Cheaters Cheating (or: Dude. Check out that hella dope Zane.)

According to the most recent count, at least thirty athletes have violated the International Olympic Committee’s anti-doping regulations.  The media has (or have, depending on your grammatical/political leanings) dubbed the perpetrators “Olympic Cheats.” These athletes have had to withdraw from competition, dashing their dearly held dreams of standing proud atop a podium.  Fortunately,  we at… Read more »

An Invitation to an Infiltration

Competition, resistance, negotiation and change: these are the dynamics that comprise the curatorial backbone of An Infiltration to an Invitation. Staged in the context of the Cultural Olympiad, InIn (our institutional abbreviation of the title) brings these processes into play in a way that challenges the ingrained habits of the institution, requiring those inside to… Read more »