The Team


From the opening of Andrew Dadson: ‘Site For Still Life’, October 12, 2017. Photography by Four Eyes Portraits

Executive Director

Matthew Hyland


Julia Lamare
Acting Associate Curator

Danielle Green
Curator of Learning & Public Engagement

Phil Dion
Lead Preparator

Asumi Oba
Special Projects Coordinator

Vitória Monteiro
Programming Coordinator

Program enquiries
[email protected]

Learning enquiries
[email protected]

Operations & Front of House

Shayla Perreault
Operations & Volunteer Engagement Manager

Jessica Evans
Retail & Publications Coordinator

Anna D’Avignon
Finance Officer

Front of House enquiries
[email protected]

Marketing & Communications

Kolton Procter
Interim Marketing & Communications Coordinator

Keimi Nakashima-Ochoa
Digital Marketing & Communications Coordinator

Marketing & Communications enquiries
[email protected]


Development enquiries
[email protected]

Visitor & Event Assistants

Wakana Shimamura, Anhi Tran, Vlad Chibiskov, Soni Qazim, Luis de la Selva, Veerle Driessen, Charlotte McKinnon, Chelsea Hillhouse, Dan Potter, Ephrem King, Karina Meng, Jessica Sim, Héloïse Auvray, Xuning Wang, Ridz Aziz, Katherine Blakely, Sabrina Yang, Andrea Chu, Mark Landau

Volunteering enquiries
[email protected]