From the opening of Andrew Dadson: ‘Site For Still Life’ and Lyse Lemieux: ‘FULL FRONTAL’, October 12, 2017. Photography by Four Eyes Portraits

The Contemporary Art Gallery is a registered non-profit charity that annually relies on support from individuals, corporations, sponsors, trusts and foundations to fund the costs of all our programs, alongside our core public revenue from Canada Council for the Arts, the Province of BC through the BC Arts Council and BC Gaming Policy and Enforcement Branch, and the City of Vancouver.

Everything we do – exhibitions, residencies, events, learning, outreach and community engagement programs – is free of charge. All profits made from shop sales and fundraising are re-invested into supporting our activities, allowing us to provide free access to, enjoyment of and engagement with a range of programming and education that is available and open to all.

If you would like to support us by making a donation, sponsoring a program, becoming a member or developing a legacy through planned giving, please visit our Support section or contact our Development team to find out more information.

With thanks to the following individuals, foundations, businesses and government agencies for their generous support in 2017.


BC Arts Council
Canada Council for the Arts
City of Vancouver


BMO Financial Group
Connor, Clark & Lunn Investment Management Ltd.
Province of British Columbia
Vancouver Foundation


RBC Foundation
Vancouver Board of Parks and Recreation


Australia Council for the Arts
Jan & Mark Ballard
David Brown & Laura Clark
Capture Photography Festival
Department of Canadian Heritage
Janet Hiebert
Andrea & Brian Hill
Ross Hill & Jane Irwin
Inform Interiors
Mondriaan Fund
Naudia Mache
TELUS Community Board


Art Gallery of Grande Prairie
Arts Queensland
Christopher Foundation
Estate of Gordon Bennett
Brigitte & Henning Freybe
Heffel Fine Art Auction House
David Layton
Phil Lind
Michael Prout & Leonardo Lara
Ken Stephens
Lesley Stowe & Geoffrey Scott
Visions of Australia, Department of
Communications and the Arts


Martine Argent Aquilini
Michael Audain
Business for the Arts
Canada Line Public Art Program — IntransitBC
Consulat général de France à Vancouver
Ross Davidson
Rick Erickson & Donna Partridge
Warren Geraghty
Scott Hall
The Hamber Foundation
Alasdair & Alison Hamilton
Nicholas Herbert
Heather Howat
Gina & Barrie Jones
Marla Kiess & George Seslija
Mark Killas
Myfanwy MacLeod
Anthony & Kristin McDougall
Andrea Molnar
Coleen & Howard Nemtin
The Peter Szeto Investment Group BMO


Nesbitt Burns
Guy Pottinger & Christine Sim
Nigel Prince
Proper Design
Irfhan & Brenda Rajani
Peter Rozee & Francesca Patterson
Kulwant Sidhu
Glynnis Tidball
Terrence & Lisa Turner
Nada Vuksic
Tia Walsh
Denis Walz
Bruce M. Wright


Kurt Aydin
Claudia Beck & Andrew Gruft
Laing & Kathleen Brown
Amanda Burrows
Eric Canady
Monte Clark
Culture Ireland
Shaun Dacey
Lindsay Elliot
Joe Filippone & Jean MacRae
Murray Fraeme & Holly Armishaw
Kate Galicz
Patsy Heffel
Iaspis, the Swedish Arts Grants Committee’s
International Programme for Visual Artists
Sherry & Larry Killam
Juno Kim
Aoife Mac Namara
Scott Massey
Eileen Mate
John & Helen O’Brian
Michael O’Brian Foundation
Jonathan O’Connor
Ouellette Family Foundation
Marian Penner Bancroft
Alix Sales
Kim Spencer-Nairn
Renee Van Halm
Mark Wentzell
Mary Ann & Barry Yates


Wil Aballe
Byron Aceman & Caron Bernstein
Audain Art Museum
Sara Brown
Neil Campbell
Kenneth Cappie
Anna D’Avignon
Sven & Juliette Freybe
Katherine Gordon
Pam Jones
Judy & Hugh Lindsay
Jennifer Mawby
Jon McRae
Don Millar
Kimberly Phillips
Garth & Lynette Thurber
Ann & Marshall Webb


Adele Arseneau
Crystal Balint
Cherylynn Bassani
Noel Best & Barbara Shuman
Steve Bridger
Cartems Donuterie
Chernoff Fine Arts
Emily Chessa
Kristin Cheung
Mary Clark
Louis Courtemanche
Michelle Cyca
Jaclyn Drummond


Jordan Dufault
Rhys Edwards
Livona Ellis
Glenn Ewald
Frank + Oak
Susan Fugman
Roxanne Gagnon
Diana Gehriger
Erikka Griffiths-Keam
Henry Hawthorn & Jane Durante
Noel Hodnett – In memory of Joshua Nell
Lynn Kagan
Kirk Kelly
Sojin Kim
Megan Lau
Peter Malkin
Michelle Martin
Mister Ice Cream
Robert Moser
Oak + Fort
Julie Pappjohn
Dara Parker
Manuel Piña – In memory of Beau Dick
Jim Poole
Sylvia Roberts
Clara Rozee
Ron Sangha
Rebecca Sawatzky
Mike Seymour
Judy Shane
Jamie Smith
Strathcona Brewery
Ian Wallace
Jen Weih
Nicole Wong
Woo to See You


Callum Coogan
Earnest Ice Cream
Jack Jeffrey
Sherri Kajiwara
Margaret Mah
Railtown Café
Eve Sonner
Cornelia Wyngaarden

Gala Artists

Mike Bourscheid
Dana Claxton
Christos Dikeakos
Foster Eastman
Babak Golkar
Lyse Lemieux
Liz Magor
Haroon Mirza
Alex Morrison
Isabel Nolan
Shannon Oksanen
Ryan Peter
Evann Siebens
M.E. Sparks
Allan Switzer
Corin Sworn
Erdem Taşdelen
Ron Terada
Althea Thauberger
Etienne Zack

and those who wish to remain anonymous