From the opening of Andrew Dadson: ‘Site For Still Life’ and Lyse Lemieux: ‘FULL FRONTAL’, October 12, 2017. Photography by Four Eyes Portraits

The Contemporary Art Gallery is a registered non-profit charity that annually relies on support from individuals, corporations, sponsors, trusts and foundations to fund the costs of all our programs, alongside our core public revenue from Canada Council for the Arts, the Province of BC through the BC Arts Council and BC Gaming Policy and Enforcement Branch, and the City of Vancouver.

Everything we do – exhibitions, residencies, events, learning, outreach and community engagement programs – is free of charge. All profits made from shop sales and fundraising are re-invested into supporting our activities, allowing us to provide free access to, enjoyment of and engagement with a range of programming and education that is available and open to all.

If you would like to support us by making a donation, sponsoring a program, becoming a member or developing a legacy through planned giving, please visit our Support section or contact our Development team to find out more information.

With thanks to the following individuals, foundations, businesses and government agencies for their generous support in 2019.


BC Arts Council
Canada Council for the Arts
City of Vancouver


BMO Financial Group
Connor, Clark & Lunn Investment Management Ltd.
Province of British Columbia
Vancouver Foundation


First Peoples’ Heritage, Language & Culture
Gaming Policy and Enforcement Branch
High Commissioner of Canada to the United Kingdom
Vancouver Foundation


The Audain Foundation
Jan Ballard & Mark Ballard
Canadian Museums Association
Henning Freybe & Brigitte Freybe
Ross Hill & Jane Irwin
Shauna Woolley


David Battersby
David Brown & Laura Clark
Capture Photography Festival
Cartems Donuts
The Christopher Foundation
Denbigh Fine Art Services
Janet Gartner & Eric Van Iersal
Raegan Howard & Mark Labron
Kim McInnes
Coleen & Howard Nemtin
Monica Reyes Gallery
Ken Stephens
U.S. Embassy Ottawa, Office of Public Affairs


Absolute Software Corporation
Yusuf Alam & Laila Alam
Anthem Properties Group Ltd.
Kurt Aydin
Bruce Eyewear
Brad Chernoff
Chris Spencer Foundation
Lincoln Clarkes
Curtis Collins
Piers Cunnington
Douglas Reynolds Gallery
Stephen Fitterman
Janet Gartner & Eric Van Iersal
Diana Gehriger & Daniel Hawreluk
Susan Grossman
The Hamber Foundation
InTransit BC Limited Partnership
Gina Jones & Barrie Jones
Lifford Wine & Spirits
The Malli Family
Daniel Martin
Anthony McDougall & Kristin McDougall
Cameron McNeill & Sarah McNeil
Michael and Inna O’Brian Family Foundation
Francesca Patterson & Peter Rozee
Lee Pederson & Matt McLeod
Michael Prout &Leonardo Lara
David Scott & Susan Scott
George Seslija
Kulwant Sidhu
Malcolm Steenburgh
David Syre
Vanprop Investments Ltd.
Nada Vuksic
Tia Walsh & Nils Edstrand
Walsh King LLP
Bruce Wright


Audain Art Museum
Ballet BC
Claudia Beck
Eric Canady
Anna D’Avignon
Jacqui Dixon
Paul Faibish
Blake Kuwahara
Phil Lind
Kaye Matheny Krishna & Sudha Krishna
Keiko Matsuchita
John O’Brian & Helen O’Brian
Nigel Prince
Site Photography / Site Art Services
Randall Wolansky


Wil Aballe
Beatrice Aiko Park
Big Apple Ranch Ltd.
Laing Brown & Kathleen Brown
Brett Clark
Mary Clark
Elissa Cristall
Four Eyes Portraits
Natalie Henderson
Paul Larocque
Chantale Lavoie
David Lemon
Judy Lindsay & Hugh Lindsay
Myfanwy MacLeod
George McCutcheon
Jon McRae & Whitney Lesiuk
Jonathan O’Connor & Janelle O’Connor
PenderFund Capital Management Ltd.
Guy Pottinger & Christine Sum
Susan Powelson
Reid Shier
Patricia Shimizu
Kim Spencer-Nairn
Stanley Park Brewing Co.
Jovan Vuksic
Karen Yurkovich


Laura Aliaga
Jared Bachynski
Noel Best & Barbara Shuman
Stephanie Bonn
Luisa Canuto
Chernoff Fine Art
Jillian Dixon & Morris Ergas
David Dolsen
Rhys Edwards
David Farrell
Erikka Griffiths-Keam & Francis Griffiths-Keam
Corrina Hammond
Susan Jackson
Bill Jeffries
Lynn Kagan
Brittany Keefe
Jim Poole
Sylvia Roberts
Ron Sangha
Michael Seymour
Michelle Shackleford
Judy Shane
Shannon Tien
Vancouver Men’s Chorus
Jackie Wong
Helen Wong
Gerri York


John Cook
Sean Elbe & Aryana Sye
Livona Ellis
Evelyn Harden
Marie Khouri & Robert Khouri
Sara MacLellan
Margaret Mah
Louise Malkin
Al McWilliams & Lyse Lemieux
Mardell Rampton
Blair Stapleton
Cornelia Wyngaarden

Gala Artists

Diyan Achjadi
Abbas Akhavan
Deanna Bowen
Steven Brekelmans
Doug Coupland
Paul de Guzman
Christos Dikeakos
Fei Disbrow
Megan Hepburn
Emily Hermant
Colleen Heslin
Barrie Jones
Dion Kliner
Ingrid Koenig
Colin Miner
Warren McLauchlan
Marian Penner Bancroft
Laura Piasta
Les Ramsay
Kathleen Ritter
Erica Stocking
Angela Teng
Howard Ursuliak

and those who wish to remain anonymous