John Wood and Paul Harrison, installation view from ‘I DIDN’T KNOW I DIDN’T KNOW IT’, Contemporary Art Gallery, February 12 – April 24, 2016. Photography by SITE Photography

Cartems And Processus

Participating students and teachers join Krista from Cartems Donuts, artist Diyan Achjadi and CAG Curators at the opening of Processus, Contemporary Art Gallery, May 8, 2019

This spring, CAG and artist Diyan Achjadi partnered with Point Grey Secondary School Senior Art Students and teachers on a collaborative project exploring contemporary art and curatorial practices. Over multiple workshops with Achjadi, the students explored notions of art making and artistic process.

Processus is an exhibition marking the culmination of their work exploring connections between ancient myths and modern-day social issues through material investigations rooted in Achjadi’s own practice.

This learning program and exhibition were made possible thanks to the generous support of Cartems Donuts. CAG asked their Director of Operations, Krista Bailie, why Cartems chose to support this unique program.

“At Cartems, we are honoured to work with a family full of creative people who are active in Vancouver generating culture through their various artistic contributions. As a company, we believe that our value comes from our participation within our communities and intentionally search out opportunities to make a difference. The program which placed artist Diyan Achjadi into the classroom, culminating in the exhibition, Processus, was the perfect chance to reflect the passion of our staff to contribute to the arts in Vancouver by supporting the next generation of artists.

While we admire the engagement work that the CAG does for many different groups, we felt this project in particular was very special and one we were especially excited to support. Personally, my own journey as a maker and art historian taught me about the challenges young artists face in learning to translate their concepts into form and to meaningfully engage with the larger art community. I was excited for the opportunity to help students who have not yet entered art school to already have an entry point into understanding the world they are choosing to be a part of.

It takes so many components to make a vibrant community but we feel that the arts are especially generous in their ability to enliven our city, creating inclusivity, opportunity and broader perspectives on our world, something that is only possible with the enthusiastic support of individuals and companies.

We feel truly honoured to have been able to be a part of this important program.”

— Krista Bailie