John Wood and Paul Harrison, installation view from ‘I DIDN’T KNOW I DIDN’T KNOW IT’, Contemporary Art Gallery, February 12 – April 24, 2016. Photography by SITE Photography

An update from Andi Icaza-Largaespada

Image: Andi Icaza-Largaespada, 2018, part of the Media Arts Festival in Arad, Rumania. Courtesy the artist

Quarterly Supporter Updates:
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We caught up with 2017 CAG Award recipient, Andi Icaza-Largaespada, who presented (untitled) a mountain bought but not yet named on the Gallery façade last year.

“Exhibiting at CAG’s window façade space was a highly formative experience. It provided me with a publicly accessible space to continue years-long artistic research into Canada’s ongoing legacy of imperalistic extractivism at home and abroad and the public’s complicitness in this system. My sincere thanks to Peter Szeto for funding the prize and to the greater supporters of CAG who help finance opportunities for early-career artists such as me—without your backing, my exhibition would not have been possible.

The dialogical relationship sustained with Kimberly Phillips and Julia Lamare as Curator and Co-curator, respectively, was an insightful opportunity into the strengths of working with a team in the conceptualizing of an art exhibit. I am grateful for our conversations, their attentiveness and trust. My gratitude extends also to Emily Dundas Oke and Arts Umbrella’s Summer Intensive program for giving me the opportunity to connect with youth through my exhibition.

Since exhibiting at CAG, I have participated in MAFA, a Media Arts festival in Arad, Rumania, and a Mining Justice conference at UBC’s School of Law with iterations of my research on extractivism, as well as in artist-run centres across Vancouver and Victoria, BC. I am currently working on a collaborative self-published artbook with Moniker Press on borders and displacement, and as an artist facilitator for CACV’s Reframing Relations program. I look forward to keeping you all updated on my future endeavours.

Thank you all so much.”

– Andi Icaza-Largaespada