John Wood and Paul Harrison, installation view from ‘I DIDN’T KNOW I DIDN’T KNOW IT’, Contemporary Art Gallery, February 12 – April 24, 2016. Photography by SITE Photography

The last Stretch with Hannah and Helen

During the last stretch with artists Helen Reed and Hannah Jickling, the class diligently crafted their sodas from the recipes they developed from last Monday’s session in preparation for their final presentation later on in the evening. It was a busy day of pipettes, measuring utensils, soda streams, flavouring extracts and home-brew equipment that turned the class into a site of sugary, carbonated production!

Divided into groups of six, the class produced six distinct types of soda. The flavours in each type ranged from tastes of coffee with mint and citrus, watermelon with popcorn and lemon and mushroom with plum! To boot, Helen and Hannah had also turned one drawing from each of the students into a vinyl sticker to mark the soda cans.

The class also got to try out the home-brew canning equipment that Helen and Hannah had brought into school. A few technical difficulties with the calibration of the canning machine at the beginning of the day made the final canning results even sweeter. Everyone got to take two cans of their groups’ soda home and the adults helped to assemble extra cans for the evening presentation.

During the event, students Noella and Ayesha were engaging bartenders and quickly ‘sold out’ of the popcorn flavoured soda (most requested flavour) and the LemRosé (lemon and rose flavour – second most popular). The soda bar was bustling all night!