John Wood and Paul Harrison, installation view from ‘I DIDN’T KNOW I DIDN’T KNOW IT’, Contemporary Art Gallery, February 12 – April 24, 2016. Photography by SITE Photography

Transformative experience and mentorship | on the Telus Garden Project by Megan Low

RE-Visions, Telus Garden.

Re-Visions: Improvisation & Collaboration
In November 2014, a group of artists met at the CAG to begin an intensive learning program to produce a new media installation for TELUS Garden with the guidance of mentors Josh Hite, Brian Lye, and Jem Noble.

Megan Low, one of the participating artists writes on the production process, transformation and endlessness….

I’ve been thinking a lot about endings, especially since this project is now complete. It feels bittersweet that after the many months spent meeting, discussing, and hovering over computer screens, the thing exists beyond the seed of an idea.

I’ve also been returning to what artist Laiwan Laiwanette said to us in a talk about extending the life of a project through different mediums, and about documenting the process as part of the work itself.

Now that I can reflect on it, I sense that the work exists in written ideas and individual interpretation as much as it does on screen. There are moments in it that linger and make you question the reality you think you know, and moments left on the cutting room floor that are as much a part of the piece as what remains. It almost seems fit that, for a project exploring spatial transformations in relation to time, the work has undergone prolonged visions and re-visions.

Although there is a self-congratulatory satisfaction in having laboured over something that has finally made its way out into the world and being able to actually see it, what has been more satisfying has been the process itself. Connecting as a group—learning, doing, failing, and succeeding together—has been an invaluable experience, as has being afforded expert mentorship and guidance. I’m almost certain that I speak for everyone involved in saying that this opportunity has been transformative beyond measure in terms of skills and personal growth gained.

I picture the steady stream of people walking by or stopping to watch our piece as it loops continuously throughout the workday, and I can’t help but be poetic as I think of the city just outside continuously changing. I still wonder about endings…

– Megan Low