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Sunil Gupta – TRESPASS 1

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This catalogue was published on the occasion of the exhibition TRESPASS 1 by Sunil Gupta from March 5 to April 9, 1994 by the Contemporary Art Gallery. The publication contains an introduction by curator Keith Wallace, and essays by David A. Bailey, Eugenio Valdés Figueroa and Hilda Maria Rodríguez. One essay is published in both English and Spanish.









David A. Bailey  
Eugenio Valdés Figueroa  
Sunil Gupta  
Hilda Maria Rodríguez  
Keith Wallace  


39  pages
22    colour illustrations
15    b&w illustrations
11.7 x 7.25 x 0.08 inches  

Published in Canada by Contemporary Art Gallery.


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LIQUIDATE: An art publication sale by Contemporary Art Gallery, Access Gallery, Fillip, New Documents, Presentation House Gallery, Or Gallery and Western Front

We’ve been busy spring cleaning. The Contemporary Art Gallery, Access Gallery, Fillip, New Documents, Presentation House Gallery, Or Gallery and Western Front have joined forces to bring you some serious discounts on art publications new and old.  This one time only evening sale is not to be missed.

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Contemporary Art Gallery sample titles on sale:
Every building on 100 West Hastings – Stan Douglas
You are my sunshine/You are my nebula – Euan MacDonald
Brian Jungen
Cabin Photographs – Scott McFarland

About Access Gallery:
An artist-run centre established in 1991, Access Gallery is a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting and presenting the work of emergent artists, curators and cultural practitioners, as well as those entering a new experimental phase of their practice. We enable critical conversations and risk taking through new configurations of audience, artists and community.

Access Gallery sample titles on sale:
Unsuitable as an Institution: The Tenacity of Access Gallery 1992—2014
Far Away So Close, Part I
Far Away So Close, Part II
Ian Johnston: Reinventing Consumption
Encyclonospace Iranica
Life After Doomsday: Jason de Haan
The Ever-Changing Light: Raymond Boisjoly

About Fillip and New Documents:
Fillip is a Vancouver-based publishing organization formed in 2004 to expand spaces for critical discussions on contemporary art. Through a magazine and publications program, Fillip provides platforms for examining the relationship between art and society. New Documents is a Los Angeles and Vancouver-based art book publisher.

Fillip and New Documents sample titles on sale:
Downing Street
Yes, But Is It Edible?
Culture Industry
Fillip 19
Institutions by Artists

About Or Gallery:
The Or Gallery is an artist-run centre committed to exhibiting work by local, national and international artists whose art practice is of a critical, conceptual and/or interdisciplinary nature. The Or Gallery has published various works including artist books, record/sound works and critical anthologies. It also runs a small bookstore focused on artists’ publishing, including artist books, zines, periodicals, criticism and theory.

Or Gallery sample titles on sale:
12 Sun Songs, Cranfield & Slade (this is a record)
Ten Shows, Barb Choit
Exercises in Kinesthetic Drawing and Other Drawing, Aaron Carpenter
Vancouver Anthology, ed. Stan Douglas
The D’Or Series (Food for Thought, Notes on Collaboration, Explorations in Psychic Geography, Goin’ Solo)

About Presentation House Gallery:
Presentation House Gallery’s mandate is to exhibit and disseminate photography and media art, emphasizing contemporary Canadian work within a context of historical and international art. Since 1984 they have produced over 100 publications, featuring a diverse range of artists and exhibitions. In 2006 the gallery launched the Lynn Valley series of artist-designed publications. This series has featured books by a wide range of contemporary artists including: Richard Prince, Jonathan Monk and Annette Kelm. Presentation House Gallery aims to offer the community a range of experiences which will engage viewers with new considerations about the world in which they live.

PHG sample titles on sale:
Active Process: Artist’s Books Photographic and ContemporaryTwenty-eight  U.S. and Canadian Artists
Death and the Family, Gisele Amantea, Marian Penner Bancroft, Wyn Geleynse, etc.
Facing History: Portraits from Vancouver
Judy Radul: People Things Enter Exit
Attila Richard Lukacs / POLAROIDS / Michael Morris

About Western Front:
Established in 1973 the Western Front is one of Canada’s leading artist-run-centers for contemporary art and new music.  We produce and present visual art, exhibitions, new music concerts and workshops, media-art residencies, performance art and other artist driven initiatives. The Western Front currently maintains programs in Exhibitions, Media Art and New Music, as well as an extensive archive of audio-visual materials. Through this diverse programming we continue to be a crucial platform for interdisciplinary, experimental art practices in Canada and internationally.

Western Front sample titles on sale:
Ritual In Contemporary Performance
Eternal Network: Videos from the Western Front Archive
Recipes For An Encounter
The F Word
Marian Penner Bancroft: Two Places at Once: Transfigured Wood Part IV


LIQUIDATE: An art publication sale by Contemporary Art Gallery, Access Gallery, Fillip, Presentation House Gallery, New Documents, Or Gallery and Western Front


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CAG Contemporary Art Gallery Society of British Columbia

Thursday June 25, 2015 at 6:00 p.m.
At the Contemporary Art Gallery, 555 Nelson Street, Vancouver

Attached: Agenda, Appendix A Slate of Nominees and Nomination Form

Following the AGM there will be a cocktail reception to thank these outgoing Directors for their significant contributions:

Leanne Armstrong outgoing Treasurer, 3 years of service
Stephen Waddell outgoing Director, 6 years of service
Nada Vuksic outgoing Director, 6 years of service

Thank you for being a member and supporting the CAG throughout the year.
We look forward to seeing you on June 25.


AGM 2015


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As our contribution to Vancouver Design Week, the CAG worked with James Langdon, recipient of the 2012 Inform Award for Conceptual Design, presented by the Museum of Contemporary Art Leipzig, Germany. Langdon presented a short course and workshop in reading objects, environments and messages. Stimulated by the curious genre of design fiction, the programme asserts storytelling as the primary function of design. Langdon conducted a three day workshop on September 16–18 exploring narrative approaches to design, a series of connected exercises subjecting a collection of found materials to various manual and conceptual processes.

CAG volunteer Sara Khan writes about her experiences taking part in the three day workshop:


As an artist who enjoys telling stories through two dimensional media, the School for Design fiction workshop caught my attention; I was curious about what fiction through design could entail. On our first day we were asked to bring in three objects, organic or designed. People brought along things ranging from eggshells and apples to metal birds, buttons, bottles, and moth traps.

Before we started working on the activity set for the day James Langdon had us watch a short film. It replayed the same event but with slight variations with each iteration. A human figure used different objects in unconventional ways, from dumping food on a laptop to sitting on a book instead of reading it. At a glance the human figure came across a sort of a machine that had malfunctioned. Mulling over the film afterward made me wonder about why objects around us are operated the way they are and have a specific function or name, how come we almost use them like robots not really questioning their history, form or task.

Once we started talking about the objects we’d brought along and the workshop progressed; I realised more and more that in the everyday structure and organization of things and lives, we had forgotten to ponder the existence of what surrounds us. It reminded me of Sartre’s Antoine in “Nausea” and how he wonders about the bark of a tree and why it is considered to be black.

As we arranged and rearranged the items with each other, we saw how meaning was added to or subtracted from them. One of the last exercises led some of us to completely deconstruct the objects we were working with; which resulted in a lot of them either being completely stripped off their meaning or not changing at all, which was interesting to see.

By the end of the workshop though, I think, perhaps we were reading too much into everything, as humans often do; put anything before us and we’ll make up a story. At this point we watched a documentary about the Piltdown man. The film reminded me of the story of the Emperor’s New Clothes.

It is amazing how if you put forth a thought with enough conviction and confidence most people will believe it as the truth. It makes me wonder what falsehoods lurk in our histories.

So, as we wonder in awe at the totality of this existence, it is important to question the things we experience.

- Sara Khan

Check out a selection of books by James Langdon in the CAG book shop, on a specially dedicated shelf.

School for design fiction workbook

More Books by James Langdon.

James Langdon
A School for Design Fiction – workshop
16-18 September 2014, 6pm-9pm


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