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Through its mandate the CAG is concerned essentially with the encouragement of a greater appreciation of contemporary art. We are actively involved in making opportunities for people who would not otherwise have the enjoyment and benefit of working with visual art. Our learning activity celebrates the importance of personal experience and we aim to create accessible environments that allow people of all ages to learn. Various interpretative prompts – curatorial texts, guides, participatory activity, artists’ writings, and filmed interviews – encourage imaginative audience engagement and talks, tours, off-site projects, workshops, residencies and seminars are structured to build ongoing dialogue, providing opportunities for diverse learning activity to develop.

The Contemporary Art Gallery acknowledges the ongoing support of the many volunteers and Board Directors who assist in the development and delivery of our learning programs.

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Learning Resources

Keg de Souza: Preservation

Saturday, August 1, 3pm-6pm & Sunday August 2, 11am–2pm
Burrard Marina Field House
1655 Whyte Avenue

Keg de Souza with special guests, Lori & Steve Snyder
Please note this is a two day event held at the Field House

Join CAG, Burrard Marina Field House artist-in-residence Keg de Souza for an urban foraging expedition culminating in jam making, experimental mapping and a discussion exploring local foods, cultural preservation and the continuing effects of colonization in contemporary Vancouver.

The event features two local guest collaborators working with de Souza. Lori Snyder is an Indigenous Herbalist specializing in urban foraging for wild, edible and medicinal plants and Steve Snyder harvests wild berries and has been a master jam maker for the last 15 years.

This two-day event begins with a special introductory talk led by Lori Snyder focussing on the native blackberry, the introduced blackberry and other native plants. Participants will then forage on the banks surrounding the Field House which are covered with wild Himalayan Blackberries – an invasive, “colonizing”, non-native species in Vancouver.

On the second day, local master jam maker, Steve Synder will be our special guest for the jam making session. While communally making jam, discussion will focus on the act of preserving these locally dominant berries, questioning whose culture is in fact preserved and how this can be linked to colonial narratives. This discussion will culminate in an experimental mapping of our dialogue.

The event will take place on unceded Indigenous land belonging to the Coast Salish peoples.

Participants are encouraged to share their recipes; stories and knowledge with the group . Please bring your own jam jar and basket for collecting berries.

Please RSVP to to reserve your place and for more details.

This project has been assisted by the Australian Government through the Australia Council for the Arts, its arts funding and advisory body.


Keg de Souza - Preservation - free two day workshop

Exchange: Youth Workshop
Open Call for youth 14 – 19 yrs old
Program Dates: July 22 to 31, 2015, 10 -5pm daily except July 26.

Exchange is a unique summer workshop connecting youth with two local arts institutions Emily Carr University of Art + Design (ECUAD) and the CAG, introducing future artists to Vancouver’s arts community. Designed and facilitated by educator/designer Lisa Novak, this free 10 day program pairs participants with acclaimed artists Keg de Souza and Walter Scott. Hosted in classrooms at ECUAD, and split into two groups, each will work with one artist to collaboratively develop an installation considering the unique site and context of Granville Island. Both groups will develop instructional written guides of their process and once completed will trade instructions and attempt to create what the other group has just made. The concept is to recreate the other group’s initial work “blindly”, with only written, abstract instructions and occasional hints regarding the use of materials. The Exchange will culminate in a public presentation of the works developed on July 31 and a subsequent publication will be produced by Novak after the project documenting the exchange, including interviews with participants.

This project presents teens an opportunity to participate in a free program exploring ideas of co-authorship and participatory practice in art and design with one-on-one mentorship from professional practitioners, engaged in a cultural discourse around the idea of home and identity. Offering an alternative experience of creation, pedagogy and knowledge Exchange welcomes young people into the galaxy of a temporary artist studio where learning is valued in a different way.

Keg de Souza
In 2013, de Souza developed projects for the 5th Auckland Triennial, 15th Jakarta Biennale and the 4A Centre for Contemporary Asian Art, Sydney. More recently, at the Delfina Foundation, London, she hosted a series of picnics held inside an inflatable tent installation designed to fit within the gallery space. Notionally “traditional” English food such as cucumber sandwiches, Cornish pasties and Ploughman’s Lunches were made linking to specific cultural histories as a way to discuss class, privilege, space and colonialism. As picnickers ate and spoke, de Souza mapped the discussion on the floor creating a giant cartography of the conversation. Also in 2014 she completed a residency with KUNCI Cultural Studies Center in Yogyakarta, Indonesia working closely with community organizers and residents of Kampung Ratmakan to create an inflatable ghost house and a film featuring drawings by local children made during a ghost story workshop. Their local government had announced a major development plan affecting the Ratmakan area and the people living there started to be displaced. The area is built on a graveyard so ghosts are constantly appearing to the residents, ongoing exorcisms by the local ghost expert, paralleling their own evictions in the living world.

Walter Scott
Scott is an artist from Kahnawake who currently lives and works between Toronto and Montréal. His work is based in writing and illustration. His ongoing comic book series, Wendy, follows the fictional narrative of a young woman living in an urban centre, whose dreams of contemporary art stardom are perpetually derailed by her own fears and desires. For the Images Festival 2015, Scott produced Wendy Live! where a cast of English, Japanese and Mohawk-speaking performers enacted the newest Wendy book before its 2016 North American English-language release. Alongside his comic work, Scott produces work involving printmaking and sculpture and is represented by Macaulay & Co. Fine Art, Vancouver. He recently completed a residency at the Koganecho Bazaar, Yokohama, Japan.


Exchange: Youth Workshop - upcoming!

Burrard Marina Field House artist-in-residence Maddie Leach speaking at the ‘spaced symposium’ Perth, WA, Australia.

Reflecting on the spaced 2: future recall projects, the spaced symposium presented a day of discussions addressing the relationship between museums, contemporary art and communities.


Video | Maddie Leach - Spaced Symposium - courtesy of spaced 2

Maddie Leach | Mandurah – courtesy of spaced 2: future recall

spaced 2: future recall, the second edition of the spaced program, presented newly commissioned artworks by fourteen contemporary Australian and international artists who lived and worked for extended periods in Western Australian rural and remote communities throughout 2013-14, developing works based on an engagement with local residents, histories and landscapes.

Thank you to spaced 2, Perth, WA, Australia for sharing the video.
See more about ‘spaced 2′ here:


Video | Maddie Leach | Mandurah - courtesy of 'spaced 2: future recall'

A CAG video featuring Keg de Souza, Burrard Marina Field House artist-in-residence, she discusses her projects made during her residency earlier this year. Watch out for Keg’s return for a follow up project in July.

Keg de Souza
July 20 to August 3, 2015
Australian artist de Souza continues work towards a series of public events in 2016 exploring food culture as a metaphor for urban displacement. In April, de Souza’s handmade inflatable dome became a temporary space at the Burrard Marina Field House for a public picnic engaging Canadian colonial narratives via a consideration of national food traditions. Meeting with local chefs, food activists and residents de Souza prepared a truly Canadian feast as a source for an afternoon of unfolding dialogue that the artist mapped directly onto the inflatable’s flooring. A starting point for the discussion was the ephemerality of the event itself — the only remnant left behind an intertwining of disconnected dialogues, mapped together with dirty dishes, crumbs and more questions posed. After the meal was eaten the structure deflated, the temporary community dispersed. De Souza will be hosting a second event in July, continuing to use food as an avenue to discuss local spatial politics.


Video | Keg de Souza

Artist Shannon Bool discusses her work and the process of making the sculpture ‘Michelangelo’s Place’ installed at the entrance to the CAG from May 1 to June 28, 2015. Film by Brian Lye.


Video | Shannon Bool