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Scott Massey – Aurorae



03 Feb, 2012 to 15 Apr, 2012

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Via Lactea (above Glacier Lake)
Yaletown-Roundhouse Station, Canada Line

The Contemporary Art Gallery presented the first major exhibition of Vancouver artist Scott Massey. With discrete works that were sited in the gallery windows and at the Canada Line station, Massey links both locations through two new pieces exploring notions of time and space, and the mutable connections between them.

Typically Massey’s work accentuates and amplifies natural phenomena, often heightened through artificial means or via slight manipulations. His interest in the boundary between the natural world and the urban landscape, and our perception as such, is exemplified in his ongoing photographic series Minor Incidents. Here Massey subtly affects one element within a found setting to shift the composition of the overall scene, through which new meaning arises.

For the front of the Contemporary Art Gallery, Massey produced a new piece Aurorae that draws our attention to the shifting nature of light. By making an intervention into the volume of the existing window vitrines and their lighting, he creates a subtle animation of the façade. Using light itself as material and giving substance to the intangible, periodic changes in intensity set the building in motion, in effect suggesting something alive within.

In Via Lactea (above Glacier Lake) sited at the Yaletown-Roundhouse Station of the Canada Line, Massey deftly combined 171 narrow-field photographs of the night sky on the same strip of film, achieved by making minor adjustments to camera angle over a lengthy period of time. Even though the image is artificially constructed, the luminous pattern of the starry nighttime sky retains its convincingly poetic expanse while throwing into question the veracity of the photographic image. Its blueness is much closer to that of a daytime sky and as such connects to the location whereby it greets passengers as they arrive or depart at the station. By linking notions of celestial navigation – wayfaring – to more contemporary means of travel, Via Lactea throws into flux a consideration of temporality and site.






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A time lapse video of Scott Massey’s exhibition Aurorae in the Contemporary Art Gallery windows. The Contemporary Art Gallery presented the first major exhibition of Vancouver artist Scott Massey. With discrete works sited in the windows and at the Canada Line station, Massey linked both locations through two new pieces dealing with shifts in notions of time and place and the mutable connections between them.


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