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Jerry Pethick – Typology of Space



07 May, 2004 to 13 Jun, 2004

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The Contemporary Art Gallery was pleased to present Typology of Space an exhibition of work by the late Jerry Pethick. Jerry Pethick was an artist whose work probed the historical and conceptual cross-pollination of ideas about the nature of visual experience with scientific theories of optics. Since the early 1970s his work often took the form of quasi-sculptural “arrays” – compositions of serial photographs and Fresnel lenses that generated ethereal three-dimensional images. Such arrays were often accompanied by sculptural elements that served to extend the “virtual” aspect of the images into the “real” space of the viewer.  The exhibition at the Contemporary Art Gallery includes some of Pethick’s earliest works in this vein.

“The idea of sculpture that approached transparency while also projecting an illusionary or virtual space became Pethick’s utopian project,” writes Scott Watson in a text commissioned for this exhibition. “He invested this idea with many holistic notions that implied rethinking how we are as individuals and how society works.”

Pethick’s ideas about sculpture were heterogeneous, equally informed by Cubo-Futurist ideas of space as by post Minimalist installation art. His use of found materials and objects, along with compositions that hover at the edge of instability are typified in a work like Colossus of Kindergarden.

The Contemporary Art Gallery has been greatly assisted with this exhibition by Margaret Pethick who, along with the Catriona Jeffries Gallery, is safeguarding the truly unique legacy of this important BC artist. Her knowledge and insight into Pethick’s practice has helped to define this exhibition.

Exhibition bulletin essay by Scott Watson.





Exhibition Bulletin





Jerry Pethick  


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45 pages

This book was published on the occasion of the launch of the Time Top Project public art work created by Jerry Pethick in October 2006 which was commissioned by Concord Pacific Group Inc. The publication contains a pull out booklet with a text by Margaret Pethick and a comic strip drawn by Neil Wedman. The publication contains an essay by Scott Watson and a forward by Jack Jeffrey.


Jerry Pethick - Time Top Project


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