Two Beachcombing Workshops: Knot Tying and Metal Detecting

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Two Beachcombing Workshops: Knot Tying and Metal Detecting



01 Jun, 2014 – 1pm to 3pm

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Two Beachcombing Workshops: Knot tying and Metal Detecting.
Sunday, June 1, 1pm-3pm – Free

As a follow-up to the conversation on beachcombing, join Marie Lorenz with local artists Rebecca Bayer and Josh Hite for an afternoon of knot tying and treasure hunting in the Kits Beach area. Workshops will be led by International Guild of Knot Tyers member R. Bruce MacDonald, and member of the West Coast Treasure Hunters’ Club, Phil Macska.

Sunday June 1, 1-1.45pm
Meeting at Heritage Harbour, Vancouver Maritime Museum (official)

‘Knot Tying’ workshop for beginners with R Bruce Macdonald. A demonstration and workshop featuring half a dozen knots every sailor should know!

Meeting at the ship ‘North Star of Herschel Island’ at Heritage Harbour behind the Vancouver Maritme Museum.
(On the same dock as the Maritime Museum Aquabus stop). approx 45 minutes.

Sunday June 1, 2-3.30pm – Free
Meeting at Hadden Park Field House, 1015 Maple St, Hadden Park.

Metal Detecting and Mapping Event

Join us and Phil Macska of the West Coast Treasure Hunters Club as we search for treasure along the beach during an extremely low tide. As a large group we will search, map, and then document our findings at the tenfifteen maple fieldhouse. approx 90min.



R. Bruce Macdonald is a sailor, writer, and artist who has logged over 75,000 nautical miles primarily in traditionally rigged vessels. He is the former captain of a brigantine, the Sail Training Vessel ‘Pathfinder’, and he and his wife own and have lived aboard Canada’s Arctic tall ship, North Star of Herschel Island, for the past eighteen years. Here is a link to his book ‘North Star of Herschel Island’:

Phil Macska has over 30 years of treasure hunting experience, he started at the age of 15 with a cheap radio shack detector and found hundreds of coins up to 4″ deep, and he has been a bottle digger for 20 years in the US and Canada. In the last 3 years he has been detecting in Mexico, the Caribbean and is planning to detect in Europe. He is working towards becoming a full time worldwide treasure hunter and constantly shares his finds and stories on his website:

Rebecca Bayer is an artist and architectural designer whose recent works in the public realm seek to reveal interconnections that define ‘place’. Rebecca holds a M.Arch from the University of British Columbia, and a MFA from Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design. She is currently conducting mapping experiments as artist-in-residence with ten fifteen maple at the Hadden Park Field House, Vancouver.

Marie Lorenz is a New York based artist who’s projects center around boatbuilding and the exploration of urban waterways. She has exhibited her work nationally and internationally, most recently at Jack Hanley Gallery in New York. Her ongoing project ‘The Tide and Current Taxi’, is a rowboat water taxi that ferries passengers through the waterways of New York City.

Josh Hite’s work is concerned with human movement through local spaces and tactics of documentation. He is a member of the Vancouver Soundwalk Collective and part of tenfifteen maple, a two-year artist residency exploring multiple waterfront parks in Vancouver. Josh has a BA in Philosophy, an MFA in Visual Art and has taught photography and digital media courses at the University of British Columbia and with continuing studies at Emily Carr University of Art + Design.








Marie Lorenz  
Rebecca Bayer  
Josh Hite  
R Bruce MacDonald  
Phil Macska  


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Upcoming at the Field House

Upcoming at the Field House

Broken City Lab

January to April, 2014

Broken City Lab is an artist-led collective that works through collaborative social practice and creative research to understand the ways in which locality is shaped and enacted in the city. Taking the form of events, workshops, installations, and interventions, their projects aim to connect various disciplines and critique, annotate and re-imagine the cities that they encounter, and have unfolded in collaboration with numerous organizations and institutions. They currently operate CIVIC Space in downtown Windsor, Ontario, a  24-month long project exploring the intersection of art and civic life. As part of the Field House Studio Residency members will embark on site-specific research towards a new project that explores and makes visible issues at the intersection of education, public space and civic life. This new project will develop a sequence of programming that circulates in and around the Burrard Marina Field House.

Broken City Lab’s work recently appeared in the ­th International Venice Biennial of Architecture as part of the Grounds for Detroit exhibit and the collective was long-listed for the Sobey Art Award. Previous projects have included working with the City of Windsor’s Transit Authority to install community-created text-based art in its buses; interactive outdoor projections detailing hundreds of ideas for saving the city; the design and distribution of removable micro-gardens; interactive text-based performance so‹ware; large-scale messages projected across an international border; artists hosted for an interdisciplinary storefront residency project; a ­ƒ foot long message painted on a parking lot visible from planes and satellites; and leading numerous psycho-geographic walks, DIY workshops and community brainstorming sessions in cities all
across Canada.

For this residency, we gratefully acknowledge the financial support of the Province of British Columbia through the BC Creative
Communities Award and the generosity of many private and individual donations.  The Field House Studio Residency Program is generously supported by the Vancouver Park Board and the City of Vancouver. Broken City Lab acknowledges support from Canada Council for the Arts, Ontario Arts Council, City of Windsor and Ontario Trillium Foundation.


Broken City Lab
Saturday, February 15 ƒ,  2pm
The Field House Studio at Burrard Marina

In partnership with SFU Philosophers Café, Broken City Lab will
host an artist talk and discussion at the Burrard Marina Field
House Studio.

Marie Lorenz – visit and upcoming 2014 project

This December 2013, Marie Lorenz will visit Vancouver to begin research for a project to be completed in May 2014 at the Burrard Marina Field House.

Marie Lorenz’s work combines psycho-geographic exploration with highly crafted, material forms. In her ongoing project The Tide and Current Taxi, ( Lorenz ferries people on the East and Hudson Rivers surrounding New York City in a boat she has specially made. Lorenz studies tidal charts of the New York Harbor and uses river currents to direct and drift the boat throughout the waterways of the City. The act of floating adds a specific presence to one’s own observation: the viewer maintains an awareness of their own balance and form as they absorb the details in their surroundings. This kind of observation creates something new out of something familiar. For Vancouver Lorenz will begin to develop ideas and discussion toward constructing a new vessel and mapping local waterways in which the community will play an important role as participants.

Previously at the Field House

Canadian artist Raymond Boisjoly was our inaugural resident artist at the Burrard Marina Field House Studio. For six months Boisjoly occupied the Field House, using it as a studio and a place for community engagement.

Please see the related blog posts on the right for more news about his residency at the Field House. Click here for the CAG Field House Blog

The Field House Studio is an off-site artist residency space and community hub organized by the Contemporary Art Gallery. This initiative seeks to support artists whose practice moves beyond conventional exhibition making, echoing the founding origins of the gallery where artists were offered support toward the production of new work. Our goal in presenting art outside of the boundaries of our exhibition spaces is to reach out to communities, offering new ways for individuals to encounter and connect with art and artists, expanding audiences as well as strengthening our commitment to nurturing artists through example, context and commissioning.

Running parallel to the residency program is an ongoing series of public events for all ages.

Speaker Series: Artists in Public
This summer the CAG launched a new series inviting creative and cultural producers to share their theories, thoughts, and experiences of developing projects in the public realm.

Justin A. Langlois
Saturday, August 17, 4pm
Field House Studio at Burrard Marina
Langlois discussed his work as co-founder and research director of Broken City Lab, an artist-led interdisciplinary creative research collective and non-profit organization working to explore locality, infrastructures and creative practice leading towards civic change. He is currently an Assistant Professor in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences at the University of Windsor. In the fall of 2013, he will join the Faculty of Culture + Community at Emily Carr University of Art + Design.

Zoe Kreye and Catherine Grau
Unlearning Weekenders 
Saturday, June 22, 4pm
Field House Studio at Burrard Marina

This first talk presented collaborators Zoe Kreye and Catherine Grau who were working on a public project throughout Vancouver entitled Unlearning Weekender, a project by Goethe Satellite @ Vancouver, created in cooperation with Dance Troupe Practice, Windsor House School, Public Dreams and Revised Projects. They discussed the series of workshops which invited the public to create rituals as a means of challenging invisible social structures aiming to strengthen community bonds.

Family Days at the Field House Studio

Free drop-in art activities for all ages which responded to the work of Raymond Boisjoly and CAG exhibitions.

Saturday August 24 – A free all ages drop-in art activity: making pin-wheel windmills.
Saturday July 27
- We welcomed art makers of all ages to the Field House, participants learnt the basics of printmaking by making their own styrofoam relief prints.
Saturday June 29 - All ages of visitors dropped by the Field House for a marine mobile workshop, constructing easy-to-make kinetic sculptures which took the marine world as a theme.

The Field House Studio Residency Program is generously supported by the Vancouver Park Board and the City of Vancouver. The inaugural residency with Raymond Boisjoly was supported by the Province of British Columbia through the Ministry of Advanced Education, Innovation and Technology.


Burrard Marina Field House Studio - Marie Lorenz


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Brooklyn based artist and Burrard Marina Field House Studio artist-in-residence, Marie Lorenz has arrived back in Vancouver and has got to work right away on building her handmade driftwood boat.

Check out the images above of her progress so far.

The first image is the first step in the process, it is of the frame that the boat will be built on and is a marker or guide for the whole shape of the boat. Lorenz pre-made this frame and shipped it from New York in order to assemble it here. This is the same boat frame that was used to build the boat she rowed at the Frieze Art Fair in NYC in early May (see pictures here and above). The piece of driftwood, that is seen in the photos on top of the frame, will become the bow of the boat – this is first piece of the actual boat – she will be using found driftwood from beaches in the lower mainland to make the rest, stay tuned for more updates on the building process and launch.

For more information on the residency program and Marie Lorenz’s residency click here.

For details on related events click here.

Click here for some  press on the Frieze Art Fair boat rides with Marie Lorenz.


Related Blog Posts

We are pleased to welcome back Brooklyn based artist Marie Lorenz at the Burrard Marina Field House Studio for a residency and project titled ‘Driftboat’. Marie will be here until early June building a new vessel as part of her ongoing project Look for updates on this blog of Marie at the Field House Studio, getting to work building her boat from driftwood sourced from the lower mainland. Read more about her residency and the Burrard Marina Field House here.


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Marie Lorenz arrived in Vancouver on December 4th 2013 and stayed for a week. It was only her second trip to Vancouver in her life. On Wednesday  December 5th 2013, Marie, Shaun and I jumped in the CAG van and went scouting around town for places where old, discarded materials—both natural and man-made—tend to accumulate. Why?

Marie will be moving into the CAG’s Burrard Marina Field House in May 2014, after the Winter semester as an artist in residence at the Marina Field House. She’s been an associate professor at Yale University for the past four years in the Painting and Drawing Department, but the project she’ll bring to life with us here in Spring 2014 is more sculptural in nature. For her ongoing project Tide and Current Taxi Marie Lorenz builds boats, by hand, in different cities and takes people for rides, one or two at a time. This is the first time she’ll be using found materials to construct a watercraft.

The British artist Mike Nelson who recently exhibited here leaked to us a couple prime spots to find odds and ends. But the hunt has hardly begun! When she returns in May 2014, there will be lots more exploration to report. Stay tuned.

To learn more about this project and more of Marie’s work, visit her site Tide and Current Taxi.

Marie Lorenz will become part of the artist-in-residence program at the CAG Field House at Burrard Marina. The Field House Studio Residency Program is generously supported by the Vancouver Park Board and the City of Vancouver. 

- Jaclyn (more of Jaclyn’s writing can be found here, and her tweets over here)


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