Installing Rainbows and Negative Space, Mungo Thomson in Yaletown

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Installing Rainbows and Negative Space, Mungo Thomson in Yaletown

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The rain stopped briefly today to allow for the installation of the very colourful Negative Space by Mungo Thomson, part of CAPTURE Photography Festival which launches tomorrow, Tuesday Oct 1 at the Museum of Vancouver.

Take a look, at some ‘sneak peak’ pics from the installation this afternoon at the Yaletown-Roundhouse Station, Canada Line, or… if you are travelling on the Canada Line, get off at the Yaletown-Roundhouse station and take a look for yourself!



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As part of our contribution to Capture, Vancouver’s first annual city-wide photography festival, we present a new installation by American artist Mungo Thomson. Central to Thomson’s artistic proposition is that of context – be it institutional, cultural or that of everyday life – and it is through the breadth of his individual works that we are prompted to grasp the many challenges to our perception in the things we encounter daily. For Thomson is interested in the space between things, the subtext or background that consistently draws our attention. He has made works which record notional ‘silence’ – the sound of a room when no one is in it, the applause between songs on every live recording by Bob Dylan – produced works in a range of media based on TIME magazine, and made interventions into spaces which causing us to re-evaluate our expectations, such as Coat Check Chimes, his contribution to the 2008 Whitney Biennial Exhibition, where Thomson  replaced the 1,200 coat hangers in the Whitney Museum’s coat check with custom-made, musically tuned coat hangers that were modeled on orchestral triangles.

When we look at the stars we are actually bathed in the light of the past, and for Thomson this is another way to think about the history while simultaneously considering the ‘contemporary’ – that which constitutes our present is a set of signals between which there are gaps. Negative Space is an ongoing series of photographic murals of inverted astronomical imagery sourced from the Hubble Space Telescope. Thomson works with the Hubble archive in an ongoing way, generating a negative image every time the Hubble generates a positive one. Through a simple command in Photoshop, blacks become whites, whites become blacks, and all other colors are transformed into their complement. These images are then made into site-specific photographic murals for empty walls and installed like wallpaper, indoors and out, temporary and permanent. The project also includes an artist book, an original font, and a screensaver.

The project at Yaletown-Roundhouse Station, Canada Line is presented in partnership with Capture and the Canada Line Public Art Program – IntransitBC.

This project heralds a more comprehensive exhibition of Thomson’s work to be presented at the Contemporary Art Gallery in 2014-15 produced in collaboration with SITE Santa Fe and accompanied by the first monograph to examine Thomson’s practice.


Mungo Thomson - Negative Space


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200 pages

TIME PEOPLE MONEY CRICKETS is LA based artist Mungo Thomson's first monograph. The book is published by the Contemporary Art Gallery and SITE Santa FE and accompanies the exhibitions with the same name at SITE Santa Fe in February 23, 2013 to May 19, 2013 and at the Contemporary Art Gallery in 2015. Mungo Thomson has also exhibited at the Contemporary Art Gallery from October 1, 2013 to January 12, 2014 with Negative Space, an off-site work at the Yaletown-Roundhouse Station, Canada Line.

Mungo Thomson works conceptually in various media, such as video, film, sculpture and printed matter, he addresses the voids that exist within culture, the gaps, digressions and mistakes that exist and surround institutional space and everyday life.

TIME PEOPLE MONEY CRICKETS provides an insight into Mungo Thomson's work produced during the past several years. The book illustrates various projects such as Thomson's ongoing project from 2009, TIME, a series of drawings based on the evolution of the logo of Time Magazine and a series of large mirrors based on specific covers of the magazine. Another ongoing project is PEOPLE, Thomson produced a full-glossy magazine based on People Magazine that contains images of visitors looking at art in art exhibitions but with the art removed through Photoshop, these magazines are free takeaways during the exhibition. Lastly, CRICKETS is Thomson's collaboration with composer Michael Webster and consists of a transcription of field recordings of crickets from around the world created into a musical score for a 17-person orchestra.

The publication contains an introduction by Irene Hofmann, Phillips Director and Chief Curator at SITE Santa FE, an interview with the artist and Nigel Prince, Executive Director at the Contemporary Art Gallery, Vancouver and an essay by Martin Herbert. The publication contains 150 colour images.




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