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About Guided Tours

All of our guided visits for individuals and groups are free and open to the public. They provide visitors with an excellent opportunity to develop new skills for interpreting contemporary art and are suitable for all ages regardless of knowledge, experience or background.

In addition to those tours programmed at weekends we encourage visits from primary and secondary schools, ESL groups, university and college students and community groups which can be booked at any time during the week. Visits can also be arranged in French, Spanish, Mandarin, Cantonese, with other languages possible on request. For more information or to book a guided visit for your group, please email: or telephone 604 681 2700.


Guided Tours

Kate Dayoung
Sunday, May 17, 3pm
A guided visit of the exhibitions on display in Korean led by Kate Dayoung.

<한국인을 위한 무료 관람 안내>

- 2015년 5월 17일 일요일 오후 3시

본 갤러리를 찾아주시는 한국인 관람객들을 위해 현재 전시중인 작품들을 안내해드립니다. 관람객들은 누구나 전시회와 현대 미술 해석에 관한 정보를 제공 받으실 수 있습니다.

- 진행 중인 전시:

Julia Dault 줄리아 덜트

Blame It On The Rain

2015년 5월 1일 – 6월 28일

BC Binning and Alvin Balkind Galleries

컨템포러리 아트 갤러리는 현재 뉴욕에서 활동 중인 토론토 출신 아티스트 줄리아 덜트의 개인 전시회를 선보이고 있습니다. 그녀의 최근 작품들 중 몇 작품을 중심으로 그녀의 작품 세계를 전달하고, 즉흥적인 표현과 규칙과 논리에 대한 민감성, 그리고 재료의 제한, 이 세 가지의 균형이 그녀의 작품 세계에 미치는 중요성을 함께 보여드리고 있습니다. 줄리아 덜트의 작품은 1940년대 추상 표현주의자들의 그림과 후기 미니멀리즘적인 조각, 이 두 가지 영역에서 강조된 부분을 복합적으로 담아내고 있는데, 패턴과 결함의 매력을 통해 기계적으로 보여지도록 인간의 기원을 나타내는 동시에 포스트 미니멀과 예술 작품이 구현하는 개념을 가리키는 추론과 규칙을 통해서 표현적인 제스처를 만들어 통합하는 양상을 보실 수 있습니다. 줄리아 덜트는 오늘날의 예술에 대한 관념을 재활성화 시키는 예술가들 중 한 명입니다.

Shannon Bool 샤넌 불

Michelangelo’s Place

2015년 5월 1일 – 8월 30일

컨템포러리 아트 갤러리는 현재 캐나다인 아티스트 샤넌 불의 새로운 두 개의 작품 중 두 번째 작품인 Michelangelo’s Place 를 전시 중입니다. 4월에는 캐나다 라인의 예일타운 라운드 하우스 역 건물의 벽에 그녀의 직물 작품 중 하나인 The Flight of the Medici Mamluk 의 커다란 사진이 설치되었던 적이 있습니다. 샤넌 불이 최근 제작한 대리석 벤치 시리즈의 마지막 버전인 Michelangelo’s Place 는 현재 갤러리 입구에 전시되어 있습니다. 이 조각품은 이탈리아 플로렌스의 도시 풍경을 한 눈에 볼 수 있도록 높은 곳에 위치한 Piazzale Michelangelo(미켈란젤로 광장)에 있는 벤치를 참고한 작품이며, 이 벤치는 1869년 미켈란젤로가 제작한 가장 유명한 작품들 중 하나입니다. 샤넌 불은 전시의 개관에 앞서 벤치를 뒤덮은 그래비티를 재현하기 위해 3주 동안 밴쿠버에서 작품 활동에 힘썼는데, 이 그래비티들은 작가가 직접 제작했음을 강조하기 위해 거울에 비친 것처럼 좌우가 상반된 채로 표현되었습니다. 미켈란젤로의 원 작품에는 관광객들이 휘갈겨 쓴 낙서부터 사랑에 관한 선언과 이탈리아의 첫 번째 노동당에 대한 코멘트 등 100년도 넘은 갖가지의 그래비티들이 새겨져 있습니다. 과감하고 거친 커팅과 새김을 통해 광장에서 르네상스를 대표하는 도시의 장엄한 풍경에 시간을 소모하는 대신 그들 자신의 흔적을 남기고 가는 편을 택한 방문자들 개개인의 경험에 주목하여 그것들을 그림으로써 벤치의 목적을 개조한 작품이라고 할 수 있습니다.



Guided Visit in Korean | Kate Dayoung <한국인을 위한 무료 관람 안내>

A guided visit of the exhibitions on display in French led by Mike Bourscheid


Guided Visit in French | Mike Bourscheid

CAG Marketing and Communications, Jill Henderson leads a tour of current exhibitions.




Guided Visit | Jill Henderson

CAG Curator of Learning and Public Programs Shaun Dacey will lead a tour of current exhibitions on display.




Free Guided Visit | Shaun Dacey

CAG Programs Assistant, Jas Lally leads a tour of current exhibitions.




Guided Visit | Jas Lally

Downtown Gallery Tours
Saturday, November 22, 1 pm

Join us for an afternoon of guided tours at Audain Gallery, SFU; Satellite Gallery and Contemporary Art Gallery. Meet us at Audain Gallery at 1 pm for a tour of Ricardo Basbaum’s The Production of the Artist as a Collective Conversation led by curator Amy Kazymerchyk and SCA Assistant Professor Sabine Bitter; 2 pm at Satellite Gallery for a tour of The Port, led by curator Cate Rimmer, and 3pm at Contemporary Art Gallery for a tour of exhibitions by Shimabuku and Gunilla Klingberg led by CAG Curator, Learning and Public Programs Shaun Dacey.


Downtown Gallery Tours: Audain Gallery, Satellite Gallery & Contemporary Art Gallery

Avelina Crespo
Saturday, January 10, 3pm
A tour of current exhibitions on display in Spanish led by artist Avelina Crespo.


Guided Visit in Spanish | Avelina Crespo

We are so happy to be teamed up with Satellite Gallery and Audain Gallery for the Downtown Gallery Tour series.

Every few months, members from the public are invited to spend a Saturday afternoon on three respective tours of the current exhibitions at Audain Gallery (1pm), Satellite Gallery (2pm) and the Contemporary Art Gallery (3pm).

The most recent incarnation of this series took place on Saturday, November 22nd and the next one will likely be in early 2015. Keep your eyes peeled!

Ellie from Satellite Gallery hosted a mail art workshop with a committed group of local art admirers and artists after the final tour. As a result, this morning we received a whole pile of postcards relating to Shimabuku’s exhibition! Everyone at the CAG greatly enjoyed reading and receiving the cards, as it’s always so rewarding to see what people take away from the exhibitions.

Thank you so much to everyone who came out and to those who created and sent the cards!

This could indeed be the beginning of a beautiful friendship…

- Jaclyn Bruneau


‘This could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship’…mysterious mail art arrives at the CAG!

On Thursday, December 12th, the Point Grey Secondary grade twelve, Art Careers class visited the Contemporary Art Gallery for a full day workshop. 

They spent the day exploring James Welling’s exhibition The Mind On Fire with a focus on studying curatorial practice and conceptual art practices.  As part of the investigation they undertook an experiential response to Welling’s working methods, by conducting a photo-shoot in which students were asked to explore in-camera abstraction techniques. They spent their lunch hours creating images while exploring downtown Vancouver. 

The students were interested in questioning our assumptions of perception and the photographic image, as well as how the inherent ambiguity affected the reading of an image. The students met afterward to discuss and edit the images and categorize them based on the abstraction technique or subject matter of the photographs.  In effect the students curated an exhibition of photography, taking a cue from Welling in grouping images based on intended effect.

The CAG is excited to present a selection images of their work, see above for a slide show. A big thank you to the whole Point Grey HS  Art Careers class and the artists we are presenting here: Kiel Torres, Catherine Wang, Cosette Bote, Aly Slobadov, Nancy Tseng, Forever Young, Kevin McAllum. They’ve posted more images on their Point Grey Art Blog.

The CAG welcome groups of all ages and levels for free guided visits. We also produce guided visits with art-making responses to the exhibitions on display.

Contact for more information.

- Shaun Dacey, Curator of Learning and Public Programs


Brains ‘A’ flame: Point Grey High School’s response to James Welling’s “Mind on Fire”

New guided visits | Nouvelles visites guidées

Did you know that there is a free guided visit at the CAG almost every week during an exhibition? | Savez-vous qu’il y a une visite guidée chez la galerie d’art contemporain presque chaque semaine au cours d’une exhibition? (lisez ce poste en français).

The CAG team has worked very hard to ensure that guided tours are scheduled regularly throughout the course of our exhibitions, and that dedication has given recently given birth to a new series of tours starting this month: multi-language guided visits. For the first time ever, our guided visits are now offered in Mandarin and Spanish!

I have been proud to present our guided visits in French for the past 3 exhibitions, taking over from artist Patricia Huijnen following her return to Switzerland last year. It’s been a real pleasure for me, as I love the French language and often lament that I do not have the chance to speak it as much as I would like. I also love talking about art, and the opportunity to do so at the Contemporary Art Gallery is both challenging and satisfying. Contemporary art can be difficult to understand at first glance, and bringing context, new ideas, and new ways of thinking to visitors has been, for me, an incredibly rewarding privilege.

When I was in school, it was always a struggle to fully appreciated fine-arts field trips when the exhibitions weren’t being presented in the language in which we were being instructed. My teachers would be diligently providing us with French vocabulary and tools with which to engage with the art, but when it was time to visit a gallery, museum or event, it was often jarring to listen to tours in English. There was something really special about the tours that were offered in French.

When Shaun Dacey, our new Curator of Learning and Public Programs, joined the CAG team in April, I wrote to him to tell him about how much I loved working in French at the CAG. Imagine my delight, when he not only echoed my enthusiasm, but informed me that he was already working to add additional language tours to the schedule.

Tommy Ting hosts CAG guided tours in MandarinI attended the Mandarin tour, hosted by artist Tommy Ting, on Saturday the 18th, and was delighted to see the engagement in our visitor’s faces while they discussed and engaged with the work in their own language. While I was unable to make the following week’s tour, hosted by photographer Avelina Crespo, I have been told it was well attended and equally well received. Both Tommy and Avelina have agreed to join us again later this summer to again present Mandarin and Spanish language tours at our upcoming exhibition.

I am truly proud to be part of the team providing multi-language tours at the CAG. I invite you to join me on June 1st at 3PM for my guided visit, in French, of the Nancy Holt/Erin Shirreff exhibition currently on display at the CAG.

Kay Slater (@kdot) is a Vancouver illustrator, and proud volunteer at the Contemporary Art Gallery. Come visit her on shift every Sunday from Noon-3PM.

♦ ♦ ♦

L’équipe à la galerie a beaucoup travaillé pour s’assurer que les visites guidées sont programmées régulièrement tout au long de nos expositions, et ce dévouement a donné récemment naissance à une nouvelle série de visites ce mois-ci: des visites guidées multilingues! Pour la première fois, nos visites guidées sont maintenant offerts en mandarin et en espagnol!

Je suis fière d’avoir organisée nos visites guidées en français pour les dernières 3 expositions, succédant à l’artiste Patricia Huijnen après son retour en Suisse l’année dernière. Cela a été un réel plaisir pour moi, comme je suis amoureuse de la langue française et se plaignent souvent que je n’ai pas la chance de parler (ou d’écrire) en français autant que je le voudrais. J’aime aussi parler de l’art, et l’opportunité de le faire à la galerie d’art contemporain est à la fois stimulante et satisfaisante. L’art contemporain peut être difficile à comprendre au premier vu, et apportant le contexte, des nouvelles idées, et de nouvelles façons de penser à nos visiteurs est, pour moi, un privilège extrêmement enrichissante.

Kay Slater mène une visite guidée en français du travail de Nathan Coley.

Mon français est devenu assez rouiller après avoir pas eu la chance de l’utiliser quotidiennement, mais j’espère que mon passion pour l’art et pour la langue le compense.

Tommy Ting leads a guided tour in Mandarin at the CAG. 18 Mai, 2013Quand j’étais à l’école, c’était toujours difficile d’apprécier des excursions beaux-arts lorsque les expositions n’ont pas été présentées dans la langue dans laquelle nous étions instruits. Nos enseignants seraient diligents en nous fournir le vocabulaire et des outils pour s’engager avec l’art, mais quand il était temps de visiter une galerie, une musée ou un événement, il était souvent choquant à entendre des visites guidées en anglais. Il y avait quelque chose de vraiment spécial dans les visites qui ont été offerts en français; c’était peut-être simplement parce qu’ils étaient si rares, mais peut-être c’était également comment facile c’était à comprendre et à apprécier ces œuvres.

Quand Shaun Dacey, notre nouveau curateur de l’apprentissage et des programmes publiques, a rejoint l’équipe CAG en Avril, je lui ai écrit pour lui dire combien j’adore travailler en français au CAG. Imaginez ma joie, quand il a non seulement fait écho à mon enthousiasme, mais m’a informé qu’il travaillait déjà à ajouter d’autres visites en plusieurs langues à l’horaire.

J’ai participé à la première visite guidée en mandarine, organisée par l’artiste Tommy Ting, et j’ai été ravi de voir l’engagement dans les visages de nos visiteurs pendant qu’ils ont eu la chance de discuter et de s’engager avec le travail dans leur propre langue. Tandis que je n’ai pas pu participer à la visite guidée en espagnol la semaine suivante, organisée par le photographe Avelina Crespo, on m’a dit qu’il a été bien fréquenté et tout aussi bien accueilli. Tommy et Avelina ont accepté de nous rejoindre cet été pour présenter à nouveau des visites en mandarin et en espagnol à propos de notre prochaine exposition.

Je suis vraiment fière de faire partie de l’équipe offrant des visites multilingues à la CAG. Je vous invite à me rejoindre le 1er Juin à 15 heures pour ma visite guidée, en français, de l’exposition Nancy Holt / Erin Shirreff présentement exposée au CAG.


Kay Slater (@ kdot) est une illustratrice de Vancouver, et bénévole à la Galerie d’Art Contemporain. Venez la rendre visite tous les dimanches de midi à 15 heures.


New guided visits | Nouvelles visites guidées

Join us at the Contemporary Art Gallery on Saturdays at 3pm for a series of guided visits and public discussions on our current exhibitions. Recent discussions, led by Neil Campbell and Carla Nappi, have focused on Guo Fengyi’s work now on view until April 15th, 2012. Their talks ranged from issues relating to artistic process to traditional methods of Chinese healing and medicine. Guo Fengyi began drawing as a form of healing within the practice of Qi-qong, referring to her work as ”painted perscriptions.” Over the course of twenty years her drawings evolved to engage relationships between history and myth, and knowledge and mystery.

This upcoming Saturday Keith Wallace, editor of Yishu: Journal of Contemporary Chinese Art, will expand further on Guo Fengyi’s work in the context of art in China. The following Saturday, March 24th, The CAG’s Executive Director Nigel Prince, will  give a Guided Visit.

In the following weeks we are offering guided visits of all our exhibitions, including Frances Stark’s My Best Thing and Scott Massey’s Aurorae. On March 31 CAG volunteer and educator Patricia Huijnen will give a tour in French and on Sunday, April 15 (the last day of the exhibitions) Jill Henderson, CAG Gallery Coordinator, will present.

Admission is free so please join us for this series of discussions on Saturday afternoons plus one Sunday. Conversation is encouraged and all are welcome! Please visit our website or contact for more information.

Curatorial Intern – Karina Irvine


Every Saturday at 3pm!

Stop by the CAG tomorrow at 3pm for a guided visit of the exhibition: Thomas Bewick, Tale-pieces, led by Executive Director Nigel Prince. While you are here you can also visit:  Corita Kent,  To create is to relate, both exhibitions run until October 30th, 2011.

Guided visits occur regularly throughout our programming, they are always free and they provide a great opportunity to develop new skills to interpret the art or to simply take a closer look at the exhibition.


Guided visit tomorrow!

Tomorrow afternoon at 4:55 pm there will be a guided visit of our current exhibitions Beyond Guilt – The Trilogy and In the Near Future led by CAG curator, Jenifer Papararo. This special guided visit is part of the Canadian Art Foundation’s Gallery Hop Vancouver. For information on the other events going on at galleries around the city visit

Photos by Scott Massey


Guided Visit Tomorrow!

This week is National Volunteer Week and the CAG takes its hat off to our dedicated team of over 50 volunteers. We thank them for their valuable gift of expertise, amazing energy and dedication.

As Gallery Coordinator I consider myself privileged to work alongside volunteers who fulfill so many necessary roles in the organization. It might be a surprise to some to discover the sheer diversity of their backgrounds. This has encompassed occupations ranging from students, artists, teachers, architects, librarians, marketing professionals and designers through to treaty negotiators! In recognition, I would like to share with you a series of profiles that highlight the interests, backgrounds and experiences of these dedicated individuals.

What brought you to volunteer at the CAG?

I love contemporary art!  I think that there is nothing that can relay various life experiences and different perspectives better then art.  It really is the best storyteller.  So being an artist since the age of two, I decided to get a post secondary education in art and pursue it as a career.  That meant I was looking for “experience”, but also something fun relating to art which made me want to get involved with the CAG.

 What is your favorite thing about your volunteer position at the CAG?

I like talking with the various gallery visitors.  I have had some interesting  chats.  I also like my position in that I am the first person who people get a chance to talk to after they have seen the exhibit.

What and where was the first Contemporary Art work that you experienced?

It was at the Vancouver Art Gallery on a school field trip.  I was quite young, in early elementary school.  I remember seeing a piece hung on the gallery wall which consisted of a single straight line pointing upwards.  It must have been Barnet Newman or something else like his work.  But I remember I didn’t get it!  I couldn’t see the point for a creation of such simplicity hanging in a museum!  I guess my abstract mind was still developing.  Of course now I understand and enjoy the intricate use of meaning in all disciplines of contemporary art.

 What other creative activities do you do?

I am of course an artist in that I paint and draw with a focus on creativity and experimentation.  I compose and record various genres of music by playing several different instruments, but my main musical focus is playing the guitar.  I also write about art by including my various musings on life as they pertain to a particular art exhibition taking place around town. Check out Dan’s blog here:

Thank you Dan for sharing! More profiles coming soon.

- Jill Henderson

Here are some favourite pics of our volunteers in action:



Volunteers rule at the CAG

Last week during a lively guided visit to the exhibition Following A Line, students from Clinton Elementary School, Burnaby and their teacher came up with a long list of ‘deep thinking questions’ about what they saw and heard in the exhibition, here is a list of their top ten questions;

1. Why is the picture two different things ?

2. Why did the artist choose to put these two things together ?

3. Is this a painting or an actual book ?4. Where does this picture take place?

5. Why did the artist chop up the body?

6. Why does it look like some people are frozen?

7. Why are they different colours ?

8. Why is it white inside ?

9. Why is there a hand on his head?

10. What are these things ? They look like ropes and they look like nets.

If you would like to book a group on a guided visit please contact


10 Questions


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